Babies named Thanos? Name became popular with US kids

posted on 01/09/2022 16:46

Have you ever thought of a “little Thanos”? – (Credit: Playback/Twitter @BRMarvelNews/Marvel)

Using movie characters as inspiration for naming babies has always been an idea used by moms and dads. However, recently, a curious name has become a favorite for babies in the United States: Thanos, the famous villain of Marvel’s hero movies.

the american company Organic Baby Formula surveyed based on data from the US Social Security Administration. To Mailthey released the clippings they made on the data and explained that their objective was to analyze which Disney franchise and domain character names were the most used as inspiration for baby names.

The ranking shows how much use of the name grew in the year following the release of the films from which the name was inspired. For example, Thanos appeared as a major Marvel character in the feature. Avengers: infinity warlaunched in 2018 and, after its release, the name rose 2,982 positions in the ranking of names inspired by characters.

Quite often, the most commonly used name among characters is Quill, in reference to the character Peter Quill, played by Chris Pratt in Guardians of the Galaxy. The character’s name climbed 8,457 positions in the name rankings after the film’s release. The other names that make up the top 5 of the list are: Kristoff, from FrozenKing, of Star WarsAladdin, from the movie of the same name and Merida, from the Pixar movie brave.

Rounding out the top 10 on the list are the names, Belle, from Beauty and the BeastSimba, from Lion KingOlaf, from FrozenThanos, of Avengers: Infinity War and Timon (Timon, in English writing), from Lion King.

An interesting fact pointed out by the company is that in the year of release of the feature films and in the following year there is always a tendency to increase the use of the names of the protagonists among babies.

Check out the other most used names:

Table shows how many positions the names shown rose in baby name rankings, after the release of their respective movies
(Photo: Publicity/Organic Baby Formula)

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