Elias Mansour Foundation certifies recipients of Paulo Gustavo Law notices


In recognition of the work of culture makers, the government of Acre, through the Elias Mansour Culture Foundation (FEM), delivered certificates to those awarded in the Audiovisual, Masters of Culture and Art and Heritage of the Paulo Gustavo Law ( LPG), in the auditorium of the Museu dos Povos Acreanos.

The 317 projects approved in these two segments total R$ 18.9 million and 70% of them have already received the resources related to projects that should move the cultural scene throughout the state. The more than R$22 million invested by LPG represents the largest investment in the history of Acre’s cultural sector.

Dalmir Ferreira, Alessandro Gondim, Jackie Pinheiro, Ciro Facundo Neto and Emílio Mendonça receive the certificates in a ceremony. Photos. Lucas Dutra/FEM

For the president of FEM, Minoru Kinpara, the moment is one of celebration and recognition of the struggle of culture makers across the country, who “rolled up their sleeves” and managed to approve the LPG. “Now everyone is reaping the fruits of this struggle and managing to overcome the challenges with a lot of dialogue and respect for those who create culture. None of this would be possible without the commitment of our FEM team”, highlights Kinpara.

Camila Costa, from the Ministry of Culture (MinC), thanked the Acre government for its support, through FEM, for its dedication and seriousness in processing the notices: “It is very good to see that in Acre there was concern and respect for affirmative actions , including indigenous peoples and black women. We are very happy with the success of this partnership with FEM.”

Certificates are awarded to 317 culture makers from the Masters of Culture and Art and Heritage and Audiovisual segments across the state. Photo: Márcio Garcia/FEM

Daniel Lopes, who represented the president of the State Council of Culture (Concultura), Flávia Burlamaqui, highlighted the importance of the notice aimed at masters of popular culture: “Before this segment was invisible and now it receives all this deference. The winner is society, which expands its worldview through art and culture.”

Actress Marília Bonfim, after a story telling at the opening of the event, spoke about the courage and boldness of the artist Paulo Gustavo, who had a brief life, but one very rich in art and culture: “It is the strength of this artist that feeds the work of each one of us.”

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