7 new horror movies on Prime Video to watch in 2024

7 new horror movies on Prime Video to watch in 2024
7 new horror movies on Prime Video to watch in 2024

Prime Video has been one of the favorite streaming platforms for horror film fans. This is because the service has received several films of this genre recently.

Among the plots that have arrived on Prime Video in recent months are cinema hits, such as Saw It is Talk to meas well as terrifying productions such as Knock Knock Knock: Echoes from Beyond, Men: Faces of Fear It is The Summoning Game.

If you like a good horror film and are looking for the right title to check out on Amazon’s streaming platform, you’re in the right place. Check out the list we prepared with 7 unmissable horror films to watch on Prime Video in 2024.

7. Dracula – The Last Voyage of Demeter

The film Dracula – The Last Voyage of Demeter is inspired, as expected, by Dracula, one of the most iconic characters in pop culture. The new film introduces us to a ship called Demeter, which was chartered to transport private cargo.

However, the crew begins to face strange events that happen every night, including a very strange presence. Everything gets even stranger when we see that the ship has reached the coast, but it is completely charred and abandoned, without any trace of crew.

The film is based on a chapter from the book Dracula by Bram Stoker, a great classic of gothic literature.

6. Men – Faces of Fear

Released in 2022, the film Men – Faces of Fear follows the character Harper (Jessie Buckley), a young woman who decides to flee London to live alone in the middle of the countryside. There, she is isolated in a mansion while she makes her move, which becomes a slow and painful process.

As a result, she begins to be tormented by memories of the past, while crying out for redemption. But amidst the incredible landscapes of the English countryside, she lets fear take over and begins to be haunted by her increasingly darker memories and fears.

5. Knock Knock Knock – Echoes from Beyond

Inspired by a short story called The Tell-Tale Heartby Edgar Allan Poe, the film Knock Knock Knock – Echoes from Beyond tells the story of Peter (Woody Norman), a shy boy of just eight years old. The boy’s life begins to change completely when he starts to hear an incessant knocking on the wall of his room.

The boy then tells his parents what he has been hearing, but they say that it is all just the child’s fertile imagination. However, some macabre events also begin to be witnessed by Peter, who begins to suspect that his parents are involved with what has been causing these raids, hiding some disturbing secret.

4. The Curse of the Queen Mary

Directed by Gary Shore, the film The Curse of Queen Mary follows a couple of photographers: Anne (Alice Eve) and Patrick (Joel Fry). Alongside their youngest son, Lucas (Lenny Rush), they embark on a journey on a very luxurious ship, known as the Queen Mary.

What would be a family trip to enjoy ends up becoming a nightmare.
Along the way, they begin to realize that the ship hides several dark and violent secrets, putting all of its crew in contact with their dark pasts.

3. Saw

In Saw, the 10th film in the disturbing franchise, we once again follow the famous killer Jigsaw, who is actually called John Kramer (Tobin Bell). The character discovers that he is very sick and goes looking for a miracle cure to save his life.

So, he decides to travel to Mexico to learn about an innovative, experimental, but very risky, procedure. But when he arrives at the location, he discovers that everything is just a scam to exploit vulnerable people.

Soon, the serial killer takes on this disturbing face again and creates traps against these crooks.

2. The Summoning Game

One of the horror films that stood out in 2023 is The Summoning Game. The film follows a group of teenagers who discover the existence of a cursed knife capable of releasing a dangerous demon.

When this being is released, he forces people to play deadly versions of well-known children’s games. In these games, however, there are no winners, only survivors. The film follows two brothers who get involved in this dangerous game and end up going too far.

1. Talk to Me

In the movie Talk to me, one of A24’s biggest horror films, we follow the character Mia (Sophie Wilde), a young woman who suffers from the death of her mother. The plot is based on the story of an embalmed hand used to summon spirits.

So, Mia decides to use the powers of this bizarre organ to try to talk to her mother, but she didn’t expect that the game would end up going too far, with a dangerous opening into the spiritual world. This results in terrifying situations, threats and life or death choices.

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