Marvel confirms the participation of other heroes in the next episodes


Marvel confirms that the next episodes of X-Men ’97 will feature the participation of other heroes beloved by fans.

Special participations!

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X-Men ’97 is the continuation of the classic cartoon from the 90s, one of the greatest works involving mutants, and which is now updated for a new audience on Disney+.

And in an interview with MCU Direct, the director of X-Men ’97, Jake Castorenaconfirmed that we will have the participation of other Marvel heroes in the next episodes, just as Captain America, Punisher and others appear in the classic cartoon.

This is something that has been ingrained since day one, since the original design, right? As a spiritual successor, we have to follow in the footsteps of what is ingrained in your DNA. I highly encourage fans to keep an eye out to see who they meet in the upcoming episodes.

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X-Men ’97 promises to be the continuation of the famous 1992 animated series. Now, the series will be a Marvel Studios production, and will have much of its cast from the original American dubbing back.

The lineup of the new X-Men ’97 team includes Rogue, Beast, Gambit, Jean Grey, Wolverine, Storm, Jubilee and Cyclops, all led by Magneto.

Nightcrawler, Cable, Bishop, Morfo, Forge and Sunspot are also present. The team of villains includes Sebastian Shaw, Emma Frost (White Queen), Callisto, Valerie Cooper, and Mr. Sinister. The series is already on display on Disney+!

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