Who is Mojo? Everything about the villain of the new episode of X-Men ’97


The ruler of the Mojoverse made his first appearance in X-Men ’97!

This week, another episode of X-Men ’97 arrived in the catalog Disney+. This time we see Jubileenext to the Sunspotwhile the two are “sucked” into a video game. And behind this diabolical plan is none other than the terrible Mojo.

First introduced in the comics in Longshot #3from November 1985, Mojo was created by Ann Nocenti It is Art Adamsas the great villain of a group of mutants coming from a sinister dimension known as the Mojoverse.

Coming from a humanoid species, he and his people were slowly driven to insanity thanks to cosmic ray exposure in the Mojoverse. Furthermore, they cannot walk alone, which is why both Mojo and others of his race use technological exoskeletons to move around.

The Mojoverse is a dimension whose political power is based on the television industry. Mojo He realized this very early and began to control his kingdom, developing sensationalist and violent programs to alienate and capture people’s attention. It was in this process that he ended up “cultivating” some gladiators for the entertainment of the masses – like the LongshotThe Spiral and the Shatterstar.

Mojo in comics.

It was even through this connection with Longshot that he became a recurring enemy of the X-Men, so much so that he has kidnapped the team several times so that they could serve as stars for his television programs. However, the antagonist’s rivalry was not limited to the core team of the Children of the Atom, as he also faced groups such as the New Mutants and the X-Factor.

Like any X-Men villain, Mojo also has a wide variety of haunting powers. The technological exoskeleton has a myriad of weapons, which can be used to kill or dominate its servants and enemies. He also has in-depth knowledge of magic, being able to rival even the Doctor Strange.

Mojo has been adapted several times outside of the comics. The character is a boss in games like X-Menfrom 1993, and X-Men: Mojo Worldfrom 1996. He even appeared in Marvel Snap It is Contest of Championswhere he is a playable character.

Although he has never appeared in cinemas, the Regent of the Mojoverse is already a well-known name in animation, having made his first appearance in X-Men: The Animated Series – which justifies its return in X-Men ’97. Additionally, he also appears in Wolverine and the X-Men is at The United Avengers.

X-Men ’97 airs on Wednesdays on Disney+.

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