The team’s new uniforms may have already been revealed


The new uniforms that the mutants will wear at the end of X-Men ’97 may have already been revealed – check it out.



Fernando Pimenta
Published on 2/4/2024 – 8:00 pm

X-Men ’97, the continuation of the classic animated series, became the first production made by Marvel Studios since the rights of mutants returned to the House of Ideas itself.


And it’s been working: since its debut on Disney +, X-Men ’97 has been receiving a lot of praise from both critics and the public, in addition to having achieved good audience numbers on streaming.

And recently the revealed that the last episode of the animated series will bring a big change for mutants: we will see the team of heroes getting new uniformssomething that it felt like Marvel had made a point of not changing from classic animation.

But while some fans are trying to imagine what these new uniforms presented at the end of X-Men ’97the truth is that Marvel may have already revealed them since last year.

As the portal recalled, previously Marvel revealed promotional images where the mutants appear in slightly different uniforms than what we see in the animated series. Are these the versions presented in the last episode? Check it out below:

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X-Men ’97 promises to be the continuation of the famous 1992 animated series. Now, the series will be a Marvel Studios production, and will have much of its cast from the original American dubbing back.

The lineup of the new X-Men ’97 team includes Rogue, Beast, Gambit, Jean Grey, Wolverine, Storm, Jubilee and Cyclops, all led by Magneto.

Nightcrawler, Cable, Bishop, Morfo, Forge and Sunspot are also present. The team of villains includes Sebastian Shaw, Emma Frost (White Queen), Callisto, Valerie Cooper, and Mr. Sinister. The series is already on display on Disney+!

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