Netflix subscribers are HATING a drama that entered the TOP 10 of the week; Check out the reactions!


Setting the last position of the TOP 10 of the most watched films of the week on Netflixthe Argentine drama ‘Rest in peace‘ brings countless reflections on various forms of tragedies and their consequences.

Directed by the filmmaker Sebastian Borensztein (‘A Chinese Tale’), the film is based on the work ‘Rest in peace: have you never dreamed of leaving all and starting again?‘, written by Martin Baintrub.

In the plot, we meet Sérgio (Joaquín Furriel), a middle-class businessman, father of two children and married to dentist Estela (Griselda Siciliani). In the mid-90s, his situation is alarming, debts and more debts are piling up in front of him, the most complicated of which is the one he did with Brenner (Gabriel Goity), an unscrupulous loan shark who begins to threaten him.

Looking for some light at the end of the tunnel, one day ends up happening at the time and place of an attack on the Israeli association (AMIA). Taking advantage of the opportunity in the midst of the chaos, he decides to escape and ends up moving away from everything and everyone for years.

However, when the desire to reunite with your relatives knocks on your door, a series of consequences happen.

Although it seems like a plot full of mysteries and twists, none of this makes the film attractive to the public.

On social media, the platform’s subscribers are sharing several negative comments about the plot, especially the ending.

In fact, some claimed that ‘Rest in peace‘ is a complete waste of time.

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