‘Freaky Friday 2’: Sequel plot details revealed with SURPRISE


‘Freaky Friday 2’sequel to the Disney hit, starring lindsay lohan It is Jamie Lee Curtishad details of the plot revealed and the surprise that it will not be the two actresses who will switch bodies.

According to Entertainment, the new film will feature an adult version of Anna Coleman (lindsay lohan), who will be a slightly surly woman and will switch bodies with her 14-year-old daughter, Harper (no actress yet defined).

According to the report, Harper will play a tomboy with a sharp sense of humor, who is a little grumpy lately because her longtime single mother is about to marry British restaurateur Eric Davis (no actor yet).

In parallel, Tess (Jamie Lee Curtis) will switch bodies with Lily (no actress yet), Eric’s 14-year-old daughter, who doesn’t see things the same way as Harper, even though their families are about to unite through marriage.

Other plot details include Harper’s desire to see things go her way and use her intelligence to stop this marriage from happening. Additionally, Tess is worried because Anna is about to move to London to be with her new husband, and Anna worries that she has lost touch with her teenage self, who fronted a memorable rock band in the first film.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the filmmaker Nisha Ganatraknown for her work on ‘The Perfect Beat’ It is ‘Cake – The Recipe for Love’was chosen by Disney to direct the new film, which is scheduled to be filmed this summer in Los Angeles.

Andrew Gunnproducer of the original 2003 film, is producing the new film in collaboration with former Disney executive Kristin Burr (‘Cruella’).

Elyse Hollander (‘Nikolai’) will be responsible for the script.

Ann Marie Sanderlin (‘Sky High: Super High School’) will assume the role of executive producer.

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It has not yet been confirmed whether the film will be released in theaters or will premiere directly on Disney+.

Please note that ‘Freaky Friday‘ became a huge box office success, grossing more than US$160 million worldwide – from a budget of just US$26 million.

In the plot, Tess and Anna are mother and daughter who live at odds. Determined to end the fights, they suddenly switch bodies. Now each one needs to learn how to deal with the other’s life, with the confusion growing even more due to the fact that Tess is scheduled to get married.

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