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Through Twitter, Netflix released the premiere list for the month of April, which includes original series, such as ‘Dead Detective Boys‘, acclaimed franchise, such as ‘Maze Runner’ It is ‘Beverly Hills Cop‘, and documentaries for those who like to reflect and debate on various topics, such as ‘The Antisocial Network: From Memes to Chaos‘.

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Speaking of Dead Detective Boysthe series based on the homonymous comic written by the legendary Neil Gaiman is one of the most anticipated productions on the platform and debuts in April 25.

Initially developed for the HBO Maxthe adaptation of the homonymous comics by Gaiman (‘Sandman’) found a new home in Netflix – and will be released as a derivative of ‘Sandman‘.

Do you have an insistent ghost that won’t leave your side? Did a demon steal your memories? Call the Dead Detective Boys! In this supernatural series set in the Sandman universe, two teenagers meet in death and do everything to stay together, including escaping evil witches and Hell and Death himself. With the help of clairvoyant Crystal (Kassius Nelson), they will work together to solve the most mysterious paranormal cases in the mortal realm.

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Jayden Revri (‘The Cottage’), Kassius Nelson (‘Last Night in Soho’) and newcomer George Rexstrew will be the protagonists.

Rexstrew will bring Edwin Paine to life, while Revri It is Nelson will be Charles Rowland and Crystal Palace, respectively.

In addition to the trio, the series will also feature Lukas Gage (‘Euphoria’) as Thomas, King of the Felines; Briana Cuoco (‘The Flight Attendant’) as Jenny, Crystal Palace’s friend and confidant; Jenn Lyon (‘Justified’) as Esther, a witch obsessed with eternal youth; Yuyu Kitamura (‘Mother Tongue’) as Niko, a student who wants to join the ghost detectives; It is Ruth Connell (‘Supernatural”), as Night Nurse, a demonic entity that guides the flow of souls in the afterlife.

The adaptation script is written by Steve Yockey (‘The Flight Attendant’), who will also be one of the executive producers, along with Greg Berlanti (‘Supergirl’) and Jeremy Carver (‘Doom Patrol’).

Beth Schwartz also divides the function of showrunner with Yockey.

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