Ewan McGregor talks about possible return as Obi-Wan in the franchise


Ewan McGregor wants to play Obi-Wan again.


In 2022 we saw the arrival of the Obi-Wan Kenobi series, featuring Ewan McGregor once again in the role of the Jedi, to the delight of many fans who were eagerly waiting to see the actor again. A few years have passed since the launch of the production and fans are once again dreaming of a new appearance of the character. In an interview with LADBible, McGregor said he hasn’t received any calls from Lucasfilm, but he wants to play Obi-Wan again.

In the interview McGregor he said:

“The truth is, I’ve talked before about how I had to hide that I was doing Obi-Wan for years, I had to lie about it, and I’m not lying now. I don’t know. There was no call from Lucasfilm or Disney saying ‘let’s do another season’. Obi-Wan was made as a miniseries and it was released, people liked it, which makes me very happy. I hope to have another chance to play the character and I’m sure I will. I’m sure, you know, I’m a few years shy of being the same age as Alec Guinness played the character in A New Hope. So there’s still time to tell new stories.”

Ewan McGregor says he hasn’t received any calls to return to the role of Obi-Wan

The series of Obi-Wan shows the Jedi before the events of A New Hopesfeaturing the character rescuing Princess Leia and meeting his former pupil, now using the name Darth Vader.

Although there is no information about a new season of Obi-Wan, the next production in the Star Wars universe will be The Acolytewhich will show the rise of Sith during the period known as the High Republic. The series reaches Disney+ on June 4th.

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