The gigantic success of ‘Godzilla and Kong’ at the box office around the world

The gigantic success of ‘Godzilla and Kong’ at the box office around the world
The gigantic success of ‘Godzilla and Kong’ at the box office around the world

The last Thursday of March brought to the cinemas a clash of giants with Godzilla and Kong: The New Empire, a new collaboration between the most famous colossal creatures in cinema — and the grandeur didn’t just stop on the screen. Between March 28th and 31st, the film dominated the Brazilian box office, grossing more than 12 million reais from 583,290 filled seats, says the Comscore. Around the globe, the success was not small either: the film accumulated 194 million dollars in total, becoming the most successful debut of 2024. Dune: Part Twosecond place, had its first weekend rated at 178.5 million.

Direct sequence of Godzilla vs Kongthe film is the fifth production of Monsterverse, a universe created by the Legendary Pictures studio. In the plot, the two monsters of the title must put their differences aside and unite to fight an evil creature that has appeared in the center of the Earth, which threatens both their existence and that of humanity. With the help of scientists Ilene (Rebecca Hall), Trapper (Dan Stevens) and Bernie (Brian Tyree Henry), the pair amplify their powers — and even pass through Rio de Janeirowhere they destroy a lot of the wonderful city.

In second place in the national ranking, another animal continues to enchant Brazilians: Po, from Kung Fu Panda 4, which drew more than 372,000 viewers. The list still has hits like The Chosen It is The Farofeiros 2check out:

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Ranking of the films that grossed the most in Brazil (from March 28th to 31st):

Godzilla and Kong: The New Empire
Kung Fu Panda 4

Farofeitros 2
The Chosen – The Chosen
Dune: Part Two
Two is Too Much in Orlando
Maternal Instinct
Dona Lurdes – The Movie
A Life – The Story of Nicholas Winton
Perfect Days

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