To watch today: This film lasts 3.5 hours and was the inspiration for Star Wars – Film News

To watch today: This film lasts 3.5 hours and was the inspiration for Star Wars – Film News
To watch today: This film lasts 3.5 hours and was the inspiration for Star Wars – Film News

Five decades before the space opera that captivated us in George Lucas’ saga, this film transformed the desert into a fascinating and almost magical setting to guide us on an exciting cinematic adventure.

It won seven Oscars, including Best Picture and Director in 1962, and has a place on the list of culturally relevant films that should be preserved for future generations in the United States Library of Congress. A deserved space since the influence that Lawrence of Arabia has had since its release has reached productions by filmmakers such as George Lucas, James Cameron, Denis Villeneuve and many more.

The epic story directed by David Lean left an indelible mark on the way adventure stories are told, making us dream about the existence of distant places and surprising feats that could surround us at any moment.

Or, at least, in just over 200 minutes. This classic has direct references in films such as Prometheus and 007 – The Spy Who Loved Me, although its plot and captivating images also fueled the visual creativity presented by the direction of Star Wars, Avatar and Dune.

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The Story of Lawrence of Arabia: A Comprehensive Setting That Continues to Engage Science Fiction

During World War I, British officer Thomas Edward Lawrence, brilliantly played by Peter O’Toole, is tasked with liberating the Arabian Peninsula from the Turkish army. To do this, he joins the Arabs by adopting their lifestyle, which earns him the trust of Prince Feisal, played by actor Alec Guinness.

After carrying out certain successful moves combined with acts of diplomacy, Edward Lawrence also gains the sympathy of other tribes, but later, his friendship with the people will be tested when he discovers the long-term intentions of his fellow citizens. .

The story is inspired by the life of real officer Thomas Edward Lawrence and to reconstruct this plot, screenwriters Robert Bolt and Michael Wilson created an engaging narrative from a complicated war story. Furthermore, Maurice Jarre’s music only enhances what we see on screen with the magnificent costumes and expansive sets that provoke admiration and the desire to travel.

Another fundamental part that generates an immersive attraction in Lawrence of Arabia and prevents it from becoming a tedious film is the performance of its cast. On the one hand, O’Toole carries the protagonist with intensity and empathy at the same time; Guinness, who would later get the role of Obi-Wan in Star Wars, balances the wisdom and cunning cynicism of his role.

David Lean’s legacy reaches galaxies far, far away

While Lawrence of Arabia isn’t exactly one of a kind when it comes to desert settings, it’s true that cinematographer Freddie A. Young, who participated alongside David Lean, managed to extract the best from hot scenarios, even influencing Frank Herbert’s writing when he wrote Dune. As we well know, this ability to encapsulate Herbert’s dry, engaging atmosphere has been brought to the big screen, most recently with Dune: Part 2.

On the other hand, the tremendous visual jewel that George Lucas gave us with Star Wars is based on several individual passages from this highly recognized film. The Tatooine sequences are particularly reminiscent of the settings in which British soldiers and Arab tribes operate.

Likewise, Luke Skywalker’s (Mark Hamil) appearance is clearly inspired by the protagonist, Lawrence himself. As for Rogue One and The Rise of Skywalker, both films share a shooting location with Lean’s film, as some of their notable scenes were filmed in the Jordanian desert of Wadi Rum.

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Another small mention that you may find, if you decide to watch the film available for purchase and rent on Prime Video and Apple TV, is the Plaza de España in Seville, which in Lawrence of Arabia is presented as a British military base in Cairo, while in Attack of the Clones represents a majestic building on the planet Naboo.

Finally, from what we know of the references, the second episode of The Book of Boba Fett does a similar sequence in which Lawrence and an Arab army stop a Turkish train by switching the soldier’s seats with Boba (Temuera Morrison) and the Tuskens in the role. of the Arabs.

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