VIDEO: Who was the fisherman killed in shooting in North SC

VIDEO: Who was the fisherman killed in shooting in North SC
VIDEO: Who was the fisherman killed in shooting in North SC

After getting involved in a fight, a fisherman was shot dead in a bar in Balneário Barra do Sul, North of Santa Catarina. The victim was identified as 61-year-old Israel Cunha, known as Lael. The shooting took place this Saturday (3) night.

Israel Cunha, 61, was known as Lael – Photo: Reproduction ND

According to acquaintances, Lael was a hardworking, fisherman, native of Balneário Barra do Sul. He was born into a traditional fishing family. He was well known and well-liked in the region. He liked to play dominoes downtown and drink with friends, he liked to drink his catuaba

Lael went to defend a friend and, unfortunately, was shot, witnesses said.

the reporter from NDTV Record JoinvilleFelipe Bambace, was at the scene and got exclusive information.

It all started in a bar. Lael was with friends participating in a pool tournament at a bar in downtown Balneário Barra do Sul. That’s when he came across a confusion that happened on the street. He and his friends tried to break up the fight. At this moment, the shooting started and Lael was hit in the head by one of the shots. He couldn’t resist and died on the spot.

The friends tried to run away, ran in front of the bar, but were also hit. They are not life threatening. They were rescued and sent to the municipality’s Emergency Department and then transferred to the São José Municipal Hospital, in Joinville.

In the videos below you can see the confusion, rush, the Military Police and help arriving.


Video: ND Disclosure

Video: ND Disclosure

A witness recorded the moment when Lael approaches a man in a light-colored coat, one of the main people involved in the confusion. Lael tries to hold him back. There is an exchange of aggressions and at a certain moment, the first shot takes place.

The suspect in the murder of Lael was identified (known as Joni) and arrested by the Military Police. He was wearing an electronic anklet and was carrying a 32-caliber revolver. Moments before the crime, he posted a video on a social network enjoying a party by the sea.

According to the commander of the Military Police of Balneário Barra do Sul, Valdirlei Silva, the suspect would have had a major disagreement in traffic with a person who then went to the bar where Lael was.

Still according to the PM, the suspect arrived at the scene armed, tried to shoot the man with whom he argued, but, for some reason, the weapon failed at that moment. There was a fight and a big mess started in front of the bar.

The PM believes that the disagreement between the parties goes far beyond a traffic argument. The Civil Police investigate the case.

*With information from Felipe Bambace

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