Minas Gerais is the third best place to live in Brazil

Minas Gerais is the third best place to live in Brazil
Minas Gerais is the third best place to live in Brazil

The State was the second best destination among people over 55 years of age and ranked fifth in the ranking of the population aged 18 to 24

The capital of Minas Gerais was one of the highlights among large cities in the Urban Development Index for Longevity 2023 | Credit: Adobe Stock

Minas Gerais is among the top three states that Brazilians would like to move to. This is what the Housing Trends in Brazil survey, carried out by Loft, in partnership with Offerwise, reveals, which revealed the adult population’s preference for housing regions in the country. The State is preferred by 8.9% of those interviewed. Among people over 55 years old, Minas comes in second place, having been mentioned by 10.4% of this public.

According to the survey, people from the Southeast are those most interested in living in Minas Gerais. In total, 11.7% of people in the region cited the State as their most desired destination. It is worth noting that this percentage excludes miners. Next come the North (7.9%), Northeast (7.7%), Central-West (6.3%) and South of Brazil (5.3%).

Check out the list of the most mentioned states to live in Brazil

Santa Catarina 18.3%
São Paulo 11.8%
Minas Gerais 8.9%
Rio de Janeiro 8.7%
Rio Grande do Sul 7.5%
Bahia 6.5%
Paraná 6.0%
Ceará 3.8%
Goiás 3.4%
Pernambuco 3.1%
Federal District 2.9%
Holy Spirit 2.6%
Alagoas 2.5%
Paraíba 2.5%
Mato Grosso 1.9%
large northern river 1.7%
Mato Grosso do Sul 1.4%
Maranhão 1.1%
Tocantins 1.1%
Sergipe 0.9%
Amazon 0.8%
For 0.7%
Piauí 0.5%
Rondônia 0.5%
Acre 0.5%
Amapá 0.2%
Roraima 0.2%
Source: Loft and Offerwise

Loft’s data manager, Fábio Takahashi, highlights that Minas Gerais was well remembered within all age groups, but the highlight was really among the more experienced population. “The State is known for serving this range well”, he emphasizes.


Furthermore, several cities in Minas Gerais stood out in the Urban Development Index for Longevity 2023, from the Longevity Institute. Among them, São Lourenço, in the southern region of the state, as the best medium-sized city; and Belo Horizonte, occupying 12th position among the large ones.

The four best destinations to move to (55 and over):

  1. Santa Catarina – 21.4%
  2. Minas Gerais – 10.4%
  3. Bahia – 7.9%
  4. Rio Grande do Sul – 7.1%

The survey by Loft and Offerwise also revealed that 8.2% of Brazilians aged between 18 and 24 consider the State to be the best destination to move to. This is the fourth best performance among the country’s states.

Best States to Move to (Ages 18-24):

  1. São Paulo – 21.1%
  2. Rio de Janeiro – 13.8%
  3. Santa Catarina – 10.7%
  4. Minas Gerais – 8.2%

The highlight in the survey was Santa Catarina, which led both the ranking total as the list among people over 55 years of age. The state also ranked third in the division among younger people.

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