Industrial District of Montenegro will receive investment of R$47 million

Industrial District of Montenegro will receive investment of R$47 million
Industrial District of Montenegro will receive investment of R$47 million

In an event held at Palácio Piratini this Wednesday (3/4), governor Eduardo Leite and the Secretary of Economic Development, Ernani Polo, announced that three companies will invest R$47 million in the Industrial District of Montenegro. The private contribution represents the creation of 180 job vacancies.

On that occasion, the agreement agreement was also signed for six projects via the RS Business Operation Fund (Fundopem), which demonstrated investments and the generation of 322 direct jobs, conditions that enable them to enjoy the benefits of the program.

The governor highlighted that the investments are the result of government initiatives to improve the business environment in the State. “We have seen an increase in investments over the last few years, thanks to the reforms we have made and the new environment for those who invest,” he said.

“We are experiencing a sequence of important increases in investments in the State and today’s announcements strengthen our conviction that we are leading Rio Grande do Sul along the right path, with the generation of wealth, employment, income and economic and social development”, he highlighted Milk.

Two of the companies that purchased land in the Industrial District of Montenegro to build industries are from Rio Grande do Sul and one is from Pará. Sulboro, a company that operates in Canoas and produces fertilizers, allocated R$25 million, which represents 50 jobs. Subsequently, the company plans to invest R$47 million and open 160 new jobs.

Alubar, from Pará, operates in the energy sector and will contribute R$16 million, which will create 60 jobs. The objective of the investment is to increase the group’s competitiveness through the verticalization of the production of wooden spools, one of the main inputs in the supply chain for the sector.

Traçado Construções e Serviços, from Erechim, which operates in the construction and paving sector, will invest R$6 million and will open 70 jobs. The project at the Montenegro hub aims to implement a chemical product storage center, a logistics center for storing imported solid-state petroleum asphalt cement and a product melting and distribution system.

Polo highlighted the significance of investments. “Three companies choosing to invest in our State demonstrates that the government is managing to create a favorable environment for entrepreneurship. We want RS to be synonymous with opportunity, progress and socioeconomic development, a suitable place for companies and people to establish themselves”, he stated.

Another R$67.5 million via Fundopem

The agreement agreement for six projects via Fundopem that was signed demonstrates that the projects have proven the investments and job creation stipulated by the program and, therefore, can now enjoy the benefit related to the incremental Tax on the Circulation of Goods and Services (ICMS). .

The approved companies are from the food (1), wood and cellulose (2), metalworking (1), advanced healthcare (1) and winemaking (1) sectors. They are installed in the municipalities of Bento Gonçalves (1), Estrela (1), Farroupilha (1), Serafina Corrêa (1), Tapes (1) and Teutônia (1).

Cooperativa Vinícola Aurora, from Bento Gonçalves, was the one with the biggest incentive, with a benefit of R$33.1 million. The smallest went to the company Madereira e Serraria Travessão, from Teutônia, which received R$2.5 million in benefits.

The incentive to the economy of Rio Grande do Sul through Fundopem was highlighted by Polo. “The program allows the State government to support entrepreneurs, attract investments and boost our economy. Furthermore, each new announcement means the prospect of direct jobs which, together with the indirect ones that these ventures generate, feeds an entire chain of development in the regions covered,” he said.

The director who operates Fundopem, Gustavo Rech, highlighted that the state development programs under the responsibility of Sedec, which made the investments announced today possible, are available to all industries that wish to implement or expand their activities in Rio Grande do Sul .

Fundopem is an incentive for the industry that does not release financial resources for companies, but provides support through partial financing of the incremental ICMS due generated from their operation.

Program encourages sale of industrial areas with discounts of up to 90%

In addition to the Industrial District of Montenegro, the State has seven more industrial districts, located in Rio Grande, Alvorada/Viamão, Guaíba, Cachoeira do Sul, Bagé and Cachoeirinha. They are all part of the State Industrial Development Program (Proedi), which is another instrument that the State has at its disposal to boost industrial development.

In the Proedi incentive model, industrial districts enable the implementation or relocation of industries. Land and industrial areas are sold to interested companies at subsidized prices, which can reach a discount of up to 90%.

The company must present an economic-financial feasibility project that will be analyzed by the State System for Attraction and Development of Productive Activities (Seadap), linked to Sedec. After approval, the company has the right to reserve the land for implementation.

Text: Tais Teixeira/Ascom Sedec
Editing: Rodrigo Toledo França/Secom

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