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Work at Enseada do Suá should be resumed this April and will have deadlines, quality of materials and values ​​monitored by TCES

Published on April 3, 2024 at 3:49 pm

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Cais das Artes, in Enseada do Suá, in Vitória. (Fernando Madeira)

After the end of the cleaning and organization process of the construction site, which has been ongoing since July 2023, the cultural center will enter the construction resumption phase through DER-ES in conjunction with the company Dan Engenharia, contracted through bidding at the end of last year.

“By monitoring the work, we will monitor it to prevent irregularities from occurring in relation to the contract. Then, the Court of Auditors will monitor step by step, month by month, to ensure that deadlines, the quality of materials and the organization of payments are respected”, explains auditor Guilherme Fernandes, from the Building External Control Center (NED).

According to Guilherme, such monitoring must ensure that the work progresses within the stipulated deadline and values. “Real-time monitoring is much better than an evaluation after the work is completed, because this creates delays. Once ready, we can even point out errors, but the person responsible sometimes does not have time to correct what is necessary within the contracts, which creates a lot of bureaucracy”, adds the auditor.

The Arts Pier

The work on Cais das Artes, designed by Espírito Santo architect Paulo Mendes da Rocha, officially began in 2010, at the end of the second term of then governor Paulo Hartung. The total investment would be R$115 million. The project was initially expected to be delivered in 2012, but a series of setbacks and legal proceedings resulted in the work being delayed.

In 2023, eight years after the strike and two years after the death of the architect of Cais das Artes, governor Renato Casagrande (PSB) announced the resumption in light of the legal agreement with the Andrade Valladares – Topus consortium, promising delivery by January 2026.

At the time, the State government announced that R$183 million would be disbursed for operations, with R$20 million for recovery and cleaning of the construction site and R$163 million for other activities. Until then, R$56 million had already been paid to Santa Bárbara, the first company that carried out the work, and another R$76 million allocated to the Consortium Andrade Valladares – Topus for the part of the project that was carried out until the 2015 shutdown. Thus, so far, the cultural center has already cost R$132 million.

The original design of the cultural complex foresees a theater measuring 600 square meters, which should hold 1,300 seats, and a museum with a space of 2,300 square meters. In addition, Cais das Artes must have an auditorium for 225 people, exhibition rooms, library, canteen, reception, cafeteria and spaces for outdoor shows and exhibitions.

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