Author of feminicide in MT is arrested in the interior of Bahia

Author of feminicide in MT is arrested in the interior of Bahia
Author of feminicide in MT is arrested in the interior of Bahia

The perpetrator of the feminicide of Rosângela Oliveira da Silva, murdered in Juscimeira, was arrested this Wednesday (04/03), after a task force, which included actions by the police of Mato Grosso, Goiás and Bahia. CFS, 34 years old, was found inside a bus he was traveling in, in the city of Ibotirama, in the interior of Bahia.

The feminicide was arrested by a team from the city’s Military Police, after a barrier intercepted the bus in which he was traveling. The criminal was taken to the Civil Police station in the city of Bahia, where he will be interrogated.

Since the crime was recorded, this Tuesday, the Civil Police began investigations and gathered information that made it possible to draw up an initial itinerary of the perpetrator’s steps to escape Mato Grosso.

He left with the vehicle the couple used, in Juscimeira, and continued to Rondonópolis. From there, the team from the Rondonópolis Specialized Women’s Police Station discovered that the criminal took a taxi and traveled to the city of Jataí, in the southwest of Goiás.

With intelligence information from Civil and Military Police Goiana, the Mato Grosso investigation team found that he boarded a bus to Goiânia, from where he bought a ticket to the city of Aracau (SE), however, he did not board.

Delegate Juliana Buzetti, responsible for the feminicide investigation, detailed that the ticket purchased to Sergipe was an attempt to mislead the police searches. “With important support from information from the Police of Goiás and Bahia, we reached his wallman, who boarded a bus towards the interior of Bahia, probably heading to the region where he was born”, she explained.

With the support of the Military Police of Goiás and Bahia, other information was gathered that made it possible to identify the vehicle in which he boarded heading to Bahia, where a police raid was set up and intercepted the bus.


The body of Rosângela Oliveira, 49 years old, was located inside her residence, in the city of Juscimeira, on Tuesday afternoon, with several stab wounds. The victim also showed signs of aggression, with bruises on her arm, neck and mouth, signs that indicate there had been a physical struggle between her and the attacker.

The Military Police were called by the victim’s son, who reported that he had not been able to contact his mother. Worried, he went to Rosângela’s house and noticed that the glass on the front door was broken, when he called the police.

Upon entering the backyard of the residence, the police saw a body lying on the kitchen floor through the window. The police broke the padlock to enter the house and found that the victim was already dead.

Delegate Juliana Buzetti also points out that the signs found indicate that the victim was killed between Monday and Tuesday, however, only forensic examinations will be able to technically attest to the period in which the murder occurred.

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