More than 381 thousand tourists left R$942.2 million in Amazonas in 2023


More than 381 thousand tourists left R$942.2 million in Amazonas in 2023

The total revenue generated by tourism in Amazonas exceeded R$942 million in the economy in 2023. The result showed that direct revenue from tourists increased by 29.03%, compared to 2022. And tourist movement grew by almost 5% in period, with the arrival of more than 381 thousand visitors to the state. The data comes from a survey released by the Government of Amazonas, through the State Tourism Company (Amazonastur).

“Governor Wilson Lima gives every incentive for Amazonastur to carry out its work through projects and actions to promote tourism, both in the areas of training and planning, publicity, and infrastructure. And these good economic results demonstrated that the policy adopted has been successful”, said the president of Amazonastur, Ian Ribeiro.

In 2023, Wilson Lima’s management expanded the airline network with new international and national routes, leaving the capital of Amazonas, with the launch of a flight that connects Manaus to Bogotá, non-stop, operated by Avianca. Nationally, new routes to Rio de Janeiro and direct flights to São Paulo and Belém were also launched. In total, Eduardo Gomes International Airport registered a flow of 2.6 million passengers.

In addition, strengthening the promotion of the Amazonas destination at national and international fairs, qualification of professionals in the segment through courses and workshops, programs to encourage the use of clean energy with the transfer of solar panel kits to indigenous communities and deliveries of tourist infrastructure added up to the strategies that impacted the result.

Better post-pandemic value

With investments from the current administration to strengthen the sector, the state saw direct revenue from domestic and international tourists grow. In total, R$942.2 million were injected into the economy in 2023, representing an increase of 29.03% compared to 2022, which had revenue of R$730.2 million. This is the best value achieved by Amazonas post-Covid-19 pandemic.

Another positive indicator for the sector was the increase in the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of Accommodation and Food Services – a tourism indicator – which totaled R$2.051 billion in 2023, growing 2.56% compared to R$2 billion in 2022. according to the State Secretariat for Economic Development, Science, Technology and Innovation (Sedecti).

In the year to date, Amazonas’ GDP reached R$160.2 billion, a nominal growth of 6.53% compared to the previous edition (R$150.3 billion). The Accommodation and Food Services activity represented 1.28% of the GDP share.

Tourist movement

Data from Amazonastur also showed that Amazonas received more than 381 thousand tourists in 2023. The mark represents an increase of 4.75% in tourism movement compared to the previous year, when 363 thousand passed through the state. The good performance was driven by the 370% increase in the flow of foreigners. There were 65 thousand international tourists during the period.

The survey showed that the USA (24.08%), Germany (9.65%), Colombia (9.59%), Spain (6.53%), France (4%) and England (3%) as the largest sources of tourists of other nationalities. Among nationals, the main origins were from São Paulo (29.93%), Pará (11.06%), Roraima (7.33%), Federal District (6.25%), Rio de Janeiro (6.25 %).

Tourist profile

According to the survey, 34.87% of tourists visited Amazonas for the first time and the average length of stay was 7 days. Around 51.94% of travelers arrived alone and 25.87% brought their family to the state.

The most visited cultural heritage is the Teatro Amazonas with (61.79%), followed by Mercado Adolpho Lisboa (39.15%), Porto de Manaus (34.75%), Relógio Municipal (13.99%) and Museu da Manaus City – MUMA (10.69%).

Ponta Negra (59.01%) leads the list of most visited natural attractions in Amazonas, ahead of Encontro das Águas (45.16%), Museu da Amazônia – MUSA (24.29%), Spas (12.71% ), Janauary Community (6.64%).

The most visited municipalities are Manaus (84.59%), Presidente Figueiredo (14.02%), Parintins (6.23%), Tabatinga (5.72%), Iranduba (3.70%).

And the most popular tourist activities were work and business (42.33%), typical gastronomy (33.21%), visiting friends and family (31.48%), tours (28.97%) and events such as fairs, conferences , exhibitions, conferences represented 21.31% of the tourist audience in 2023.

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