In a significant step towards strengthening the defense knowledge base in Brazil, the Escola Superior de Guerra (ESG) began, this Monday (01/04), the face-to-face phase of the Minas Gerais Defense Resources Management Course Gerais (CGERD-MG), an event marked by integration and joint learning between civilians and military personnel. Held in Belo Horizonte, at the facilities of the 4th Military Region, this course represents a notable advance in the education and preparation of professionals dedicated to the defense sector, whether they come from the public or private spheres.

A Strategic Partnership for National Development

Under the leadership of ESG Commander, Vice Admiral Marcelo Menezes Cardoso, the opening ceremony emphasized the relevance of collaborations between ESG and Industry Federations. These partnerships are crucial to fostering knowledge about national development, with special emphasis on the Defense Industry. The integration between the military, industrial and academic spheres is fundamental for innovation and strengthening the country’s defense capabilities, placing Brazil as a prominent player on the international security scene.

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With a hybrid educational model, CGERD-MG aims to comprehensively address the concepts of National Defense and defense resource management processes. The distance phase, which preceded the in-person meeting, prepared the ground for in-depth discussions and sharing of experiences that will now be intensified with in-person classes. The diversity of this year’s class, made up of 19 civilians from various companies and public agencies, as well as a senior officer from the Armed Forces and three state military personnel, promises to enrich the course with different perspectives and experiences.

Impact and Future Perspectives

The holding of CGERD-MG in the capital of Minas Gerais not only reinforces the importance of Minas Gerais as a strategic center for the development of national defense, but also underlines ESG’s vision of expanding and disseminating knowledge in defense management throughout the country. The initiative is a clear indication of the growing need for qualified professionals who can contribute both to the modernization of the Armed Forces and to the evolution of the Brazilian Defense Industry, vital aspects for sovereignty and national security.

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