STF validates sending Coaf data to the police without a court decision


The First Panel of the Federal Supreme Court (STF) confirmed this Tuesday (2) the individual decision of minister Cristiano Zanin that validated the sharing of intelligence data from the Financial Activities Control Council (Coaf) requested directly by the police, without a decision prior judicial review.

In November last year, Zanin granted the injunction, which was endorsed in today’s session.

The decision was taken on appeal by the Public Ministry of Pará (MPPA) to overturn an injunction from the Superior Court of Justice (STJ) that prevented the use of financial information in an investigation into money laundering.

The STJ understood that the sharing of Coaf reports can only occur without judicial authorization on the initiative of the body itself, and not at the request of the police.

When analyzing the issue, Cristiano Zanin said that sharing without judicial authorization was validated by the STF in previous decisions. Furthermore, the minister said that there is no evidence that the data request occurred illegally in the case under investigation.

The understanding was unanimously followed by ministers Luiz Fux, Flávio Dino, Cármen Lucia and Alexandre de Moraes.

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