Arapuan Communication System will broadcast the Band Excellent Cities Award


O Arapuan Communication System prepares the edition of Paraíba do Band Excellent Cities Award. The award is an initiative of Rede Bandeirantes de Comunicação in partnership with the Aquila Institute with the aim of encouraging good public management practices in the Brazil. The awards for the best municipal administrations in Paraíba are scheduled for June, during an event to be broadcast throughout the country. state for the Arapuan TV with repercussions on all other vehicles in the System.

Managements are analyzed based on criteria from the IGMA methodology, Áquila Municipal Management Index, which uses official public data on the performance of city halls in six pillars, namely: Education, Health and Wellbeing, Infrastructure and Mobility, Socioeconomic Development and Public Order and Governance, Fiscal Efficiency and Transparency.

Divided into three categories according to population size, all 223 cities in Paraíba automatically participate. After the state stage, the municipalities compete in the national stage, scheduled for the beginning of July, broadcast on a national television network. The categories include municipalities with up to 30 thousand inhabitants; between 30 thousand and 100 thousand inhabitants and above 100 thousand inhabitants.

“What we want is to encourage, value and disseminate what is good in public administration, so that those who are getting things right are recognized and encouraged to do more; and, whoever is possibly making mistakes, try to correct mistakes. In this sense, in the end, the population wins”, highlighted Daniel Nobre, executive director of Arapuan.

The Band Cidades Excelles Award goes into its fourth edition in 2024. Broadcast nationally, the event brings together Brazil’s main public leaders and impacts millions of viewers, listeners and internet users, becoming one of the main platforms for recognizing good Brazilian public management.

The Áquila Institute is one of the main public management consultancy instruments in Brazil, with an internationally recognized analysis methodology, working to improve the quality of the country’s public administrations.

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