Protest Notary Offices in Mato Grosso do Sul help traders avoid defaulting | News from Campo Grande and MS

Protest Notary Offices in Mato Grosso do Sul help traders avoid defaulting | News from Campo Grande and MS
Protest Notary Offices in Mato Grosso do Sul help traders avoid defaulting | News from Campo Grande and MS


Consultation site is secure and can be used by traders for free

It is nothing new that the “notebook” or “promissory sales” end up, in a large part of commerce, accumulating dust and deadlines. Losses that, unfortunately, many people end up suffering, even with a tool at their disposal: the Protest Registry Offices. Consultations can be made free of charge and securely via the website Through the portal, it is possible to find out, through the CPF or CNPJ, whether that persistent customer has any protested debt and reevaluate the secured sale.

“Protest is a more agile and economical procedure, which allows the creditor to pressure the debtor to comply with their obligations without the need for a lengthy and costly judicial process”, explains Sergio Julian Zanela Martinez Caro, president of the Institute for Securities Protest Studies of Brazil – Mato Grosso do Sul Section (IEPTB/MS).

Zanela also reinforces that the protest generates negative effects for the debtor, such as restrictions on credit. “In this way, the protest of titles can be an effective alternative to recover amounts owed, avoiding the costs and delays of legal action”, she highlights.

In a much faster, more economical way and without the need for intermediaries than if they went to court, the use of Notary Offices allows businesspeople and traders to quickly recover the losses they incurred.

A survey carried out by the Protest Registry Offices of Mato Grosso do Sul shows that when a debt is sent to protest, the chance of it being paid by the debtor, within 3 business days, is 65%. The protest of titles is free for the creditor, who will only make payment on the title if he himself wishes to withdraw from the protest before it is effective.

Guaranteed, only tomorrow

A recent story, which took place in Itapetininga, in the interior of São Paulo, shows that this practice is still common and can cause serious losses to traders who do not use the Notary’s Office to identify persistent debtors, as well as who do not provide a free consultation whether the person has or not the protested name.

In the case of the city in the interior of São Paulo, a person was accused of carrying out continuous scams in local businesses that totaled almost R$7,000. The woman would go into stores, choose clothes for the whole family and ask to write them down in the “loan notebook”, promising to return at the end of the month to pay off the debt. However, she never returned. The practice of selling on credit is common in the city, but many establishments require the customer to sign a promissory note acknowledging the debt.

See how to use the website below:

Step 1: access the website
Step 2: click on the “National Protest Consultation” tab
Step 3: log in to the portal using email and password, digital certificate or
Step 4: locate the box “Consult CPF/CNPJ”
Step 5: enter the desired CPF or CNPJ
Step 6: clicking on the search button, the system will inform you whether or not there are protests in the desired document (if the result is positive, the registry office where the debt is registered and the amount protested will be informed)

The article is in Portuguese

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