Supply of cruise ships by the Refinery strengthens tourism in Amazonas


The cruise season in the Amazon gained new momentum this year. For the first time, seven international liners were fueled in Manaus.

Started in January by Refinaria da Amazônia (Ream), the service created an unprecedented logistical structure that has helped to increase the length of time foreigners spend in the capital.

In March alone, six tourist ships were supplied with fuel produced in Ream. In some cases, these transatlantic ships with hundreds of tourists from various parts of the world spent three extra days anchored in Manaus.

With more time, they enjoy a more diverse tourist itinerary, with the chance to see more places – which encourages local commerce.

The operation to supply ships is extremely large and carried out in conjunction with Navemazônia, an Atem Group company that operates in the area of ​​river logistics. In addition to the operational part, a multilingual team serves customers from various parts of the world.

“We have the expertise to supply tourist ships, container ships, bulk carriers, cement ships… Before, because they could not refuel here, these large vessels came with enough fuel to come and leave the Amazon”, highlighted Ream terminal manager, Cícero Sabino. “With certainty of supply, these ships can bring more cargo, or more tourists, which is beneficial for the local economy.”

“Many shipowners tell us that, before, cruise ships were not sure whether, upon arriving in Manaus, there would be bunker (ship fuel) available for them to refuel. Now, ships come to the Amazon region and know that the local refinery is capable of offering international standard fuel on a frequent basis”, explained Ream’s commercial manager, Tom Alves.

The 2023-2024 cruise season ends in May, and according to Amazonastur, it should bring 25 thousand tourists to the state from all over the world.

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