Acre is the fourth state in the North region that generated the most jobs in February, says research


Acre is fourth in the ranking of states in the North region that generated the most jobs, according to recent data released by Novo Caged, referring to February. According to the advisor to the presidency of Fecomércio-AC, Egídio Garó, in just the second month of the year, the State admitted 4,798 employees with a formal contract and dismissed 3,945, with a positive balance of 853 new vacancies.

Acre, however, remains behind Roraima, Tocantins and Rondônia, according to the Novo Caged survey. According to Garó, the variation over the last 12 months points to a balance of 5,263 new jobs, a relative increase of 6.34%.

“Across the State, the municipalities that hired the most were Rio Branco, with a positive balance in the admission/dismissal ratio of 534 vacancies; followed by Senador Guiomard, with 214 positive positions; and Cruzeiro do Sul, with 84 service stations. Those who laid off the most and, therefore, have a negative balance, were Bujari, with a reduction of 82 positions; followed by Acrelândia, with – 46 vacancies occupied and; Epitaciolândia, with a negative balance of 28 jobs occupied”, explained the advisor, adding that the data reflects all sectors of the economy. “Those [setores] that generated the most jobs are services, with 827 vacancies; commerce and construction, with 35 vacancies each”, he concluded.

Sectors such as agriculture and industry in general, on the other hand, were those that presented negative balances, indicating that there was an increase in the number of dismissals in relation to admissions. “Such consequences are associated with investments, both in agribusiness and industry, reduced due to the high costs of obtaining the raw materials necessary for their production process, limited to the production of items that have lower initial costs of such materials”, explained.

Still according to Garó, investments in portfolio diversification are not the State’s reality. “Due to the reduced and dispersed market, both local and national, making the search for quality difficult and, consequently, not seeking new consumer markets”, he concluded.

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