Video: Teenager arrested after robbing pharmacy in MS – Police

Video: Teenager arrested after robbing pharmacy in MS – Police
Video: Teenager arrested after robbing pharmacy in MS – Police

In the surveillance images, it is possible to see when the young man arrives at the location and shows the firearm to employees

The young man was found wearing the same clothes worn on the day of the crime (Photo: Disclosure/PCMS)

A 17-year-old teenager was caught red-handed this Tuesday (2) after robbing a pharmacy using a firearm, in Naviraí. The crime on the afternoon of April 1st in the central region of the city.

According to police, the teenager entered the store and when approaching employees, he lifted his shirt and showed that he was carrying a firearm on his waist. He then forced the victims to hand over everything they had at the scene.

Faced with the threat, one of the victims went to the cashier and took all the money and handed it to the offender who took approximately R$400 in cash and fled on a bicycle.

The Military and Civil Police were called to respond to the incident. Security cameras helped the team identify the teenager. This Tuesday morning (2), the minor was located hiding in a residence in the Sol Nascente neighborhood.

According to the police, he was still wearing the same clothes he was wearing at the time of committing the offense and was in possession of the bicycle used in the escape. He was caught red-handed for an infraction equivalent to the crime of robbery increased by the use of a firearm and was taken to the police station.

The Civil Police will continue the investigations to identify other people allegedly involved and to seize the weapon used in the crime.

See the video:

(Video: Disclosure/PCMS)

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