Paulo Guedes is insulted on the beach in Rio de Janeiro and reacts uncontrollably


The former Economy Minister of Jair Bolsonaro’s government, Paulo Guedes, was surprised by an embarrassing situation while walking on Praia do Arpoador, in Rio de Janeiro, this Tuesday (2).

A woman cursed him, and he reacted out of control, generating a video that went viral on social media.

What do you need to know

  • The incident: Paulo Guedes was insulted by a woman while walking on Praia do Arpoador, and reacted uncontrollably, shouting and making gestures.
  • Video content: The woman called Guedes a “disgrace, scoundrel and traitor to the country”, while the former minister reacted by shouting “Steal! Steal! Steal!” and was called a “demon” by the woman.

Paulo Guedes’ reaction

According to Portal Leo Dias, which released the video, the woman insulted Guedes, who reacted in an angry manner. The recording shows the exchange of offensive words between the two, generating a significant repercussion on social networks and the media in general.

Repercussion on social media

The video of the incident gained prominence on social media, generating debates about Paulo Guedes’ reaction and appropriate conduct in similar situations. The ex-minister’s exposure in such a peculiar circumstance became a reason for discussion and reflection.

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