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The STJD has already summoned Sport, the FPF and the Military Police to discuss the security of the match

Ceará defended, through an official note released this Tuesday (2), the playing of the game against Sport, in the Copa do Nordeste, outside of Pernambuco or behind closed doors. The Superior Court of Sports Justice (STJD) has already summoned Sport, the Pernambuco Football Federation (FPF) and the Military Police to discuss ensuring security at the match.

The justification for the request is the complete safety of the players, staff and fans who will attend the match. In the note, they also mention two situations of violence in Pernambuco, which occurred last year against Vozão, in the Nordestão final, and this year in the attack against Fortaleza.

“[…] in view of the scenes of savagery that occurred in the 2023 Northeast Cup Final and the attack that occurred this year against the Fortaleza EC club”, said the club. Vozão also asked that the situation be resolved to bring safety and well-being to everyone involved.

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STJD summons Sport, Pernambuco Federation and Military Police

O STJD summoned everyone involved in the match in Pernambuco: Sport, FPF and Military Police. The request is for everyone to “express themselves regarding the feasibility of holding the match with the absolute safety of the candidate team and their fans, or, alternatively, the possibility of playing behind closed doors and/or in another location”.

To the NE45, the president of the FPF, Evandro Carvalho, said he was calm about the request from the Federation of Ceará and Ceará, and that everything was nothing more than a “theatrical performance”.

“I define it with one phrase: theatrical staging. The president of FCF, my dear friend Mauro, is seeking self-promotion. The request is ridiculous. I accept that lawyers submit to signing this type of request. It’s really surprising. But the concern regarding this is zero”, said Evandro.

The CBF has not yet released the detailed basic table for the quarter-finals. But what little is known is that Sport and Ceará will face each other on April 10th or 11th. Initially, the match will take place at Arena de Pernambuco.

Pernambuco Arena. Photo: Rafael Vieira/FPF

Official note from Ceará

In a meeting held at the headquarters of the Ceará Football Federation (FCF), this Tuesday (02), Ceará Sporting Club endorsed the request of the Attorney General’s Office of the Superior Court of Sports Justice (STJD) to remove the Sport Club’s field command from Recife – with the change of venue for the match between Sport and Ceará, with a date yet to be set by the CBF, for the quarter-finals of the Copa do Nordeste or with it being held behind closed doors.

We understand that holding the game in a location other than the State of Pernambuco is essential to maintain the safety of our players, staff and, mainly, the Alvinegra Nation, given the scenes of savagery that occurred in the 2023 Northeast Cup Final and the attack that occurred this year against the Fortaleza EC club.

May justice be done, bringing to the situation a result that puts the well-being and safety of everyone involved in this match first.

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