April’s Lucky Recipe will distribute more than R$700,000 in prizes in Rio Grande do Sul


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In April, the Recipe of Sorte, part of the NFG (Nota Fiscal Gaúcha) program, will transfer R$ 720 thousand distributed in 78 thousand prizes, which corresponds to 2,603 ​​chances of winning per day in Rio Grande do Sul. The daily prizes for the month are as follows:

Three prizes of R$500
100 prizes of R$50
Thousand prizes of R$10
1,500 prizes of R$5

The Lucky Recipe is a type of draw for daily prizes from the NFG. The award has been in existence for four years and was created by the State Revenue Service with the aim of distributing cash amounts every day of the year to those who remember to request their CPF on the invoice. Taxpayers just need to read the QR Code or click on the note that is available in the app’s digital wallet on the same day of purchase.

As soon as a purchase is completed, the application sends a notification, if the tool’s alerts are enabled on the mobile device. By accessing the Recipe da Sorte section, the note becomes available, as if it were a type of digital wallet. So, just click on it, on the same day of purchase, to compete, without needing to read the QR Code. If citizens are included, the information appears on the screen immediately.

In addition to participating in the Recipe da Sorte draw, the same invoice accumulates points that are converted into tickets to participate in the NFG’s monthly draws, held on the last Thursday of each month.

How it works

Each cycle of Recipe da Sorte is open 24 hours a day, a period in which different numbers are generated, randomly, through a system. These will be the numbers that will be considered.

When participating, each consumer generates a combination that involves the sum of digits from the invoice, the date and time of authorization, as well as the CPF. For the person to be considered a winner, this combination must be the same as one of the numbers generated by the system. When there are no winners, the value is redistributed in future draws.

To redeem the prize, simply access the NFG app and choose the My Prizes option. It is also possible to redeem through the NFG website, by logging in and also clicking on the My Awards tab.

Other benefits of NFG

Issuing the tax document also accumulates points to participate in the Revenue Certa, a modality that distributes cash prizes to citizens when there is a real increase in ICMS (Tax on Circulation of Goods and Services) collection from the retail sector in the reference quarter.

Another advantage is the Bom Cidadão discount for vehicle owners. Depending on the number of CPF notes accumulated in the year, a discount on IPVA (Motor Vehicle Ownership Tax) is offered.

Currently, the NFG program has 3.6 million subscribers, more than 300 thousand registered establishments and more than 3.8 thousand nominated entities.

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