Operation arrests 25 people suspected of involvement in laundering more than R$65 million in Mato Grosso


Material seized during the operation — Photo: Civil Police

According to the police, 29 search and seizure warrants were also executed, 33 properties were unavailable, 45 vehicles were hijacked and 25 bank accounts were blocked.

Twenty-five people were arrested, suspected of involvement in the laundering of more than R$65 million, this Tuesday morning (2), during Operation Final Whistle, in Chapada dos Guimarães, São José dos Quatro Marcos and Maceió ( AL). According to the Civil Police, 29 search and seizure warrants were also executed, 33 properties were unavailable, 45 vehicles were hijacked and 25 bank accounts were blocked.

According to the investigation, the main target, who was recently released from prison, used friends, family and lawyers, who act as ‘soldiers’, to buy real estate, buy and sell cars, and rent vehicles with the money from the crime.

The investigation began after the police discovered that the person responsible for drug trafficking in the Jardim Florianópolis region, after leaving prison, became treasurer of a criminal faction and purchased a large amount of properties and vehicles, using money that went through accounts banks and was then transformed into legal assets to hide the illegal origin of this money.

Also according to the police, purchases of numerous plots of land, houses and apartments were discovered, many in middle-class condominiums in the capital, all purchased in the name of “frontmen”, but directly linked to the main target of the investigation, in addition to acquiring vehicles through transactions that involve the use of car buying and selling garages, as a device to conceal the possession and ownership of automobiles.

Prisons in Maceió

Four targets were arrested in Maceió, on Friday (29), including the head of the criminal group, while participating in a football game.

A fifth target of the operation, a lawyer and member of the criminal organization, who went to Alagoas to provide legal assistance to his client, was also arrested this Tuesday (02.04), in Maceió.

Warrants were served this Tuesday morning — Photo: Civil Police
Warrants were served this Tuesday morning — Photo: Civil Police

Source: O Liberal and Published By: Jornal Folha do Progresso on 02/04/2024/17:43:27

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