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A working group will be created with representatives from the State Department of Public Health (Sesap/RN), the Onofre Lopes University Hospital (HUOL/UFRN) and the Health Technological Innovation Laboratory (LAIS/UFRN) to discuss the implementation of the System Regulates RN, Beds module, in the unit that is part of the Brazilian Hospital Services Company Network (Ebserh). This was the main direction presented after a meeting held last week at Sesap/RN, which brought together professionals who work with regulation in the state. Just to give you an idea, around 1,700 beds, including infirmary and Intensive Care Unit beds, are already registered in this system.

The discussions were led by the state secretary of Health, Lyane Ramalho, with the participation of the rector of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN), José Daniel Diniz Melo, the superintendent of HUOL/UFRN, Eliane Pereira, and the executive director of the LAIS/UFRN, Ricardo Valentim. Lyane Ramalho highlighted one of the problems faced when a patient from the SUS RN Network is referred to HUOL/UFRN. According to her, when entering the hospital unit, one no longer has access to information about the patient, such as details about their care and the evolution of their health condition.

This is because HUOL/UFRN uses a national regulation system, called SISREG, and, currently, due to lack of integration with Regula RN, patient data is passed on, by Sesap/RN professionals, by email, to the Internal Regulation Center (NIR) of the University Hospital, which may compromise the response time to this demand. The rector of UFRN, José Daniel Diniz Melo, said that HUOL’s adherence to Regula RN Leitos will be studied, taking into account the preservation of training activities for university students who carry out residency in various health areas, within the hospital.

“This dialogue needs to be constant, given the importance that the hospital also has for the context of the SUS here in our state; It was a very productive meeting and we will continue this dialogue”, emphasized the rector of UFRN. According to Lyane Ramalho, Regula RN is implemented in 21 hospitals and the idea is to deepen the debate around the implementation of this system in the first hospital focused on teaching in the state. “We will be forming a working group so that we can understand how Regula RN adapts to the work process at HUOL, which is a university hospital that receives students”, he concluded.

During the meeting, the executive director of LAIS/UFRN, Ricardo Valentim, reinforced that the technological solution developed by researchers from the Laboratory contributes to “transparency, decision-making by health managers and social control in the supply of hospital beds”. Health Unic System”. The superintendent of HUOL/UFRN, Eliane Pereira, was willing to learn more about the tool: “this integration with Regula RN will be an experience that we will study, together with the secretary, together with the working group, so that it is this regulatory work is clearer and easier as well.”

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