Project promotes contemporary art in the Federal District

Project promotes contemporary art in the Federal District
Project promotes contemporary art in the Federal District

With the aim of celebrating the powerful independent visual arts circuit in the Federal District, the Praça Contemporânea project promotes artistic activities in different regions of the DF and also in the digital environment. In-person and virtual complement each other. In common, squares known to Brasilia residents in Planaltina and Ceilândia and artists who are very active in the visual arts scene in DF.

The action starts on Saturday, April 6, at Pé Vermelho Espaço Contemporâneo, in Praça São Sebastião, in Planaltina -DF, at 5:30 pm. There, the works selected in the so-called Lacuna de videoart will be exhibited, and two virtual exhibitions will also be launched on the M’ART art platform. Eight artists participate in the exhibitions: Time has no half and Urban Poetry. In them, curators and artists propose a dialogue between two important cities in the DF – Planaltina and Ceilândia – represented by cultural spaces and the squares where they are located. In Planaltina, the reference for the works is Praça São Sebastião, and in Ceilândia, Praça do Cidadão.

The second action takes place on Friday, April 12th, at Galeria Risofloras, in Praça do Cidadão, Ceilândia, at 6pm. There will be the launch of the in-person exhibition Entre Praças, with some of the works of artists participating in the virtual exhibitions. The visitation runs until May 20th, from Tuesday to Sunday, from 12pm to 5pm at Galeria Risofloras.

To access the works and profiles of the project’s artists, simply download the M’ART app on cell phone. From April 6th, the exhibitions Time has no half and Urban Poetry will be on the app. But, from now on, the public can access other content. There are more than 2 thousand works cataloged and 80 profiles of artists from the Midwest registered.

The Praça Contemporânea project is co-executed by M’ART and Instituto No Setor and carried out by Funarte, from the Ministry of Culture. Support comes from the Lacuna project, Galeria Risofloras and Pé Vermelho Espaço Contemporâneo. Both events are free.


Lacuna de Videoart Exhibition and Launch of M’ART Virtual Exhibitions

Day: 6/4

Location: Pé Vermelho Espaço Contemporâneo – Praça São Sebastião – Planaltina DF
Time: 5:30 pm

Virtual exhibitions that will be launched on the M’ART platform:

>> ”Time has no half” Curatorship: Luciana Paiva Artists: João Angelini – Luisa Günther – Raissa Studart – Romulo Barros.

>> “Urban Poetry” Curatorship: Gu da Cei and Rayane Soares Artists: AYA – Elom – Gu da Cei – Jupiter Negro.

Opening of the in-person exhibition ENTRE PRAÇAS

Day: 4/12

Location: Galeria Risofloras – Praça do Cidadão, Ceilândia
Time: 5:30 pm

>> Curatorship: Luciana Paiva (Pé Vermelho), Gu da CEI (Risofloras) and Luan Grisolia (M’ART) – Artists: AYA Gu da Cei João Angelini Raissa Studart

Visitation until May 20th, from Tuesday to Sunday from 12pm to 5pm.

Source: Carol Dutra

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