93-year-old woman is found abandoned in the interior of Alagoas

93-year-old woman is found abandoned in the interior of Alagoas
93-year-old woman is found abandoned in the interior of Alagoas

A 93-year-old woman who was abandoned was rescued, received medical care and was sent to the Long-Term Institution “Casa do Pobre Santo Antônio”, during the last week, in the municipality of Branquinha, in the interior of Alagoas. The case was released this Tuesday, 2nd, by the Public Defender’s Office of the State of Alagoas (DPE/AL), which will monitor the case through public defender João Augusto Sinhorin.

Ascom DPE/AL

93-year-old woman rescued in Branquinha

According to information from the entity, the situation came to its attention last Tuesday (26) through a complaint made by the municipality’s Social Assistance Reference Center (CRAS), which found that the elderly woman lived alone in precarious conditions.

The following day, the Public Defender’s Office filed a Public Civil Action (ACP) during the judicial shift, requesting protective measures for the elderly woman so that she could be removed from her home and placed in a Long-Term Institution. This request was granted on the same day by the Judiciary.

“With the court decision in hand, we headed out on Thursday morning (28) to comply with the court order. Upon arriving at the residence, it was found that the elderly woman had been locked in the property all day, did not have the key to the place (which was in the possession of a daughter-in-law who lived at a certain distance from the house), there was no food in the refrigerator (which was turned off, inclusive), the stove did not have a gas cylinder and, at the time of the visit, the elderly woman had not yet eaten. The hygiene conditions were precarious, in addition, the elderly woman was taking expired medicines and had “clean” clothes with mold,” reported the public defender.


There were almost no supplies in the house and no gas.

After the finding, the Public Defender’s Office contacted municipal health to assess the elderly woman’s physical and mental health situation. At the time, health professionals discovered that the elderly woman had not received follow-up care from the health service for over a year, due to family members failing to welcome health teams into the family. Furthermore, she was not up to date with her COVID and Influenza vaccinations.

The Institution informed that it will continue to monitor the case with the aim of ensuring that the citizen receives the appropriate social, psychological and health assistance support.

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