Son of homicide victim shoots defendant during trial in Pernambuco

Photo: Reproduction/TJPE

Security cameras recorded the moment a man shot the defendant several times during a trial at the São José do Belmonte Forum, in the Sertão of Pernambuco. The incident occurred on November 29, 2023, but the images were only released last Monday (April 1).

The shooter was identified as Cristiano Alves Terto. In the video, he was sitting next to a woman. Suddenly, the man stands up, while the woman next to him tries to stop him, without success. Shots are then fired towards the defendant.

According to the Metrópoles website, the defendant, identified as Francisco Cleidivaldo Mariano de Moura, was on trial for the murder of Cristiano’s father. Upon hearing the shots, he tries to protect himself, but ends up hit by the shots and also by butts to the head.

According to the Pernambuco Military Police, Cristiano was arrested in the act, and a 38 caliber revolver was seized.

“The defendant Francisco Cleidivaldo Mariano de Moura is alive and free; the jury has not been rescheduled and there is still no new date set. The shooter, identified as Cristiano Alves Terto, is in custody. The case regarding the attempted murder committed by Cristiano Alves Terto is ongoing.”the Pernambuco Court of Justice (TJPE) announced in a note.

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