Tents for dengue patients and CAPS AD present a precarious situation in the Federal District


An alarming complaint received by the Regional Nursing Council of the Federal District (Coren-DF) revealed precarious conditions in one of the hydration tents intended to care for dengue patients in the Federal District. Health professionals have been forced to work and care for patients in the midst of a chaotic situation, inside a tent covered in rain, making care precarious and potentially harmful to the health of the population.

The case occurred in Cidade Estrutural, raising serious concerns about the effectiveness of the Federal District Health Department in providing adequate structures for both health workers and patients seeking care.

According to reports, the tent intended to care for dengue patients is in deplorable conditions, with areas flooded due to infiltration of rainwater. This situation not only compromises the quality of care provided to patients, but also exposes healthcare professionals to adverse and unhealthy working conditions.

Concern for public health is worsening given the increase in dengue cases throughout the DF. With the intense rainy season, a significant increase in the incidence of the disease is expected, making it essential that the Health Department of the Federal District guarantees adequate structures for care.

“In view of this situation, it is essential that SES-DF takes immediate measures to correct this situation. Health professionals and patients deserve decent working and care conditions, free from health and safety risks”, says the president of Coren-DF Elissandro Noronha. “It is crucial that resources and efforts are invested to ensure that all hydration tents and health units are in adequate condition to face the growing challenge of dengue,” he concludes.

Critical situation at CAPS AD III Ceilândia – In addition to the hydration tents for dengue patients, recent reports also reveal alarming conditions at the Psychosocial Care Center for the treatment of Alcohol and other Drugs – CAPS AD III, located in Ceilândia-DF. The interior of the place is completely flooded, with water running down the lamps, compromising furniture and the entire structure of the place.

The water that invades the interior of the center not only damages furniture and equipment, but also creates an environment conducive to the growth of mold, bacteria and other agents that are harmful to health. Furthermore, the risk of short circuits and other electrical incidents due to the presence of water in lamps poses an additional safety threat.

Given this situation, it is crucial that urgent measures are taken to ensure the safety and well-being of patients and professionals who work at CAPS.

Coren-DF is attentive to this situation and will continue to demand effective measures from the responsible authorities, aiming to guarantee investments in infrastructure suitable for the well-being and safety of professionals and the population of the Federal District.

Source: Ascom – Coren-DF

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