State opens selection for 30 regional education coordinators

State opens selection for 30 regional education coordinators
State opens selection for 30 regional education coordinators

The government of Rio Grande do Sul opened, this Tuesday (2/4), the registration for the selection of professionals to work in the management of the 30 Regional Education Coordination Offices (CRE), linked to the Education Secretariat (Seduc). Through Qualifica RS, a selection program for strategic positions in the state administration, registrations will continue until April 15th. Any interested party who meets the established prerequisites can apply for vacancies, without the need to be a public servant or employee of the State.

The work location will be in the headquarters city of each CRE and candidates will be able to register to compete for vacancies in up to two different CREs. In the first stage, it is necessary to register your CV, fill out the job application form and answer the profile and belief tests. The stage also includes sending a video presentation lasting up to three minutes. In the following stages, there will be the preparation of a case study, technical and behavioral interviews, in addition to analysis, by an evaluation panel, of the materials produced by the participants during the selection.

The debut edition of Qualifica RS, in 2019, valid for four years, was also carried out with the aim of selecting coordinators for the CREs. The program is developed by the Secretariat of Planning, Governance and Management (SPGG), through the Subsecretariat of People Management and Development (Sugep).

“Qualifica RS is a very important program for people management, as, through it, we are able to identify specialized professionals for strategic positions within the State. Furthermore, civil servants have the opportunity to move within the public administration”, emphasized the head of SPGG, Danielle Calazans.

The head of Seduc, Raquel Teixeira, explains that regional coordinators make the connection between the secretariat and the schools, developing, at the end, public policies in the area. Therefore, according to her, selection is fundamental for identifying professionals with high qualifications and superior performance and has well-defined stages and technical analysis criteria.

“The professionals who are with us today came from the process carried out in 2019 and were essential in implementing programs and projects, in addition to facing the pandemic, together with us. I want to thank each and every one, collectively and individually, for their competence and dedication to over that time, as multiplying forces that made of CREs as fundamental bodies in the entire policy application process”, added Raquel.


Main atributions

  • Coordinate, guide and monitor the preparation and execution of the educational establishments’ pedagogical proposal, ensuring that the students’ learning process is developed based on the general principles and guidelines of basic education;
  • Support principals in establishing and achieving goals for school units, based on pedagogical feedback and guidelines from the Department of Education;
  • Approve the annual action plan and goals of educational establishments in its area of ​​jurisdiction;
  • Manage and coordinate CRE’s human, material and financial resources.


The prerequisites for applying for the opportunity are that the candidate has: minimum experience of three years in leadership positions; work in the area of ​​education; complete higher education; specialization in the areas of education, administration, management or related areas for the duties of the coordinator position; in addition to meeting the conditions prescribed for the position.

Desirable qualifications include: at least three years’ experience as a teacher, at least two years’ experience as an educational or school manager, and knowledge of educational legislation.

Pay and workplace

The gross monthly remuneration will be R$ 6,062.55 (FGS 10) for the candidate who is already a public servant and R$ 10,101.00 (CCS 10) for the candidate without an effective connection with the State. Also included are meal vouchers of R$366.60, optional health plan with co-participation, vacations and 13th salary proportional to working time.

The workload is 40 hours per week and must be carried out within the CRE’s opening hours, with exclusive dedication, in accordance with the principles established in article 37 of the Constitution. Professionals need to be available for constant travel to regional municipalities and for routine monthly meetings at Seduc, in Porto Alegre.

The Regional Education Coordinators are: 1st CRE (Porto Alegre); 2nd CRE (São Leopoldo); 3rd CRE (Star); 4th CRE (Caxias do Sul); 5th CRE (Pelotas); 6th CRE (Santa Cruz do Sul); 7th CRE (Passo Fundo); 8th CRE (Santa Maria); 9th CRE (Cruz Alta); 10th CRE (Uruguaiana); 11th CRE (Osório); 12th CRE (Guaíba); 13th CRE (Bagé); 14th CRE (Santo Ângelo); 15th CR (Erechim); 16th CRE (Bento Gonçalves); 17th CRE (Santa Rosa); 18th CRE (Rio Grande); 19th CRE (Santana do Livramento); 20th CRE (Palmeira das Missões); 21st CRE (Three Steps); 23rd CRE (Vacaria); 24th CRE (Cachoeira do Sul); 25th CRE (Soledade); 27th CRE (Canoas); 28th CRE (Gravataí); 32nd CRE (São Luiz Gonzaga); 35th CRE (São Borja); 36th CRE (Ijuí); and 39th (Carazinho).

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