Federal employees celebrate National Day of Struggle, this Wednesday (3)

Federal employees celebrate National Day of Struggle, this Wednesday (3)
Federal employees celebrate National Day of Struggle, this Wednesday (3)

This Wednesday (3), entities representing the public sector will carry out a national mobilization for salary adjustments and compliance with the demands under discussion at the National Permanent Negotiation Table (MNNP).

In Brasília, Sindsep-DF convenes the entire category for an event starting at 10am, in front of the headquarters of the Ministry of Management and Innovation in Public Services (MGI), block K of Esplanada dos Ministérios.

The entity’s general secretary, Oton Pereira Neves, emphasizes the importance of the participation of all sectors of the Federal Executive, whether the employees who make up the two largest careers at the union’s base – PGPE and CPST – or those who are mobilized by the structuring and restructuring of specific career plans.

“We will join forces to guarantee resources in the Union budget to implement our demands. It is worth remembering that the government must send the Budget Guidelines Bill to the Legislature by April 15th. And, so far, what is foreseen in the budget is negligible,” he said.

No progress in negotiations

Negotiations at MNNP have been dragging on since July last year without progress. The government’s proposal foresees zero adjustments in 2024, and a 4.5% increase in 2025 and 2026. At the beginning of this year, the union bench presented a unified counter-proposal from entities representing Federal Executive employees to replace salary losses since the Temer government, with the percentages being constructed from two distinct blocks.

The first block is made up of the categories that had a biannual adjustment (2016 and 2017), and the second, of the categories that received an increase in four years (2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019). The adjustment would be in three installments, paid between 2024 and 2026, in the following percentages: Block I – adjustment of 10.34% (total 34.32%); Block II – adjustment of 7.06% (Total 22.71%).

The union bench also defends the equality of the benefits of the Executive with the other powers and the revocation of all infraconstitutional measures and regulations of Bolsonaro’s misgovernment, both without progress in the negotiations.

At the last meeting of the MNNP, on February 28, the Secretary of Labor Relations (SRT/MGI), José Lopes Feijóo, informed that the MGI was studying the possibility of bringing forward the salary adjustment to 2024, conditioned on surpluses in the Union’s collection. ─ what is actually happening, according to budget execution data. But, regardless of the collection figures, the government needs to allocate resources to meet the demands of civil servants.

Advances and achievements

At the end of 2023, the government issued Provisional Measure 1,203, which created the careers of Specialist in Indigenism and Technician in Indigenism, for employees of the National Foundation of Indigenous Peoples (Funai); the Information Technology (IT) career; and readjusted the remuneration of employees occupying the position of Technical Analyst for Social Policies (ATPS) and the National Mining Agency (ANM).

Ongoing negotiations and current struggles

Several sectors of the Federal Executive are struggling to structure or restructure careers: Social Security, Health and Labor Career (CPST); General Executive Branch Position Plan (PGPE); Central bank; National Department of Transport Infrastructure (DNIT); National Education Development Fund (FNDE); Brazilian Institute of the Environment and Renewable Natural Resources (Ibama); Chico Mendes Institute for Biodiversity Conservation (ICMBio); National Institute of Colonization and Agrarian Reform (Incra); National Institute of Educational Studies and Research Anísio Teixeira (INEP); Ministry of Culture and related bodies;
Ministry of Education (MEC); Ministry of Agrarian Development and Family Farming (MDA); Ministry of the Environment; Brazilian Forest Service; Secretariat of Union Heritage (SPU), among others.

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