New Competition in Cascalho Rico-MG for Assistant and General Services


The Municipal Council of Cascalho Rico, located in the state of Minas Gerais, opened the doors to new professional opportunities through its most recent Public Competition. This selection process aims to fill vacancies for fundamental level candidates.

With registrations starting on June 3, 2024, the competition offers positions for Administrative Assistant, Administrative Officer and General Services, with one vacancy available for each position.

Future City Council employees will enjoy a 40-hour work week, with remuneration ranging between R$1,412.00 and R$1,974.87.



Cascalho Rico opens a new selection process.

Photo: Disclosure

Find out how to participate

Interested parties must register by 1pm on July 3, 2024, exclusively through the ASECTTA website, organizer of the competition. To confirm participation, you must pay a registration fee of R$75

Candidates will be selected through an objective test, scheduled for July 16, 2024, complemented by a documentary/titles assessment.

This Public Tender will be valid for two years, and may be extended for an equal period, according to the needs and criteria of the Cascalho Rico Municipal Council.

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