PMDF arrests suspects in series of vehicle thefts in Asa Norte


Men suspected of committing car thefts in Asa Norte were arrested by the team from the 3rd Military Police Battalion.

During patrolling around 10pm last Monday (1), the police observed a silver Nissan March with its headlights off, which fled towards block 716 of Asa Norte upon noticing the police presence. As a result, Radio Patrol (RP) teams intensified patrolling in the direction in which the suspect vehicle headed.

The car was seen at the exit of block 916, beginning a high-speed chase, ignoring all stop signals given by the police. Upon arriving at the EPIA exit, the driver lost control and the vehicle overturned, ending up upside down. The passenger remained at the scene and was detained by the police team, while the driver fled on foot towards the northwest, being captured at the entrance to the Housing Sector.

Inside the vehicle, several items suspected of being stolen were found, as well as a homemade firearm, three intact 12-gauge ammunition, a simulacrum firearm and a pocket knife.

During the operation, a driver passing by reported that his son had just had his White Toyota Yaris vehicle stolen in the commercial block of 409 North. A key found with the arrested driver was identified as the key to the stolen car.

After searching the blocks where the incidents occurred, the victim’s cell phone was located on block 310 Norte, indicating that the suspects had discarded the device. The stolen vehicle was found on block 711 North, covered by a black tarp to make identification difficult.

The victim reported that, at around 10pm, when leaving UnB driving her white Toyota Yaris Hatch vehicle, she was approached by a gray Nissan March with its headlights off on L2 North. After a rear-end collision caused by the Nissan March, the victim realized it was a robbery.

The occupants of the Nissan March signaled for the vehicle to stop, but the victim chose not to stop at the isolated location and continued to the residential blocks, where he parked in front of the BIGBOX supermarket. While checking the damage to his vehicle, one of the suspects approached him from behind, threatening him with a knife and demanding his car keys. After the robbery, the suspects fled towards the 700 block of Asa Norte.

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