PM who shot and killed firefighter in DF will go to popular jury

PM who shot and killed firefighter in DF will go to popular jury
PM who shot and killed firefighter in DF will go to popular jury

The military police officer who killed firefighter Walter Leite da Cruz (featured photo) in November 2022 he will be tried by a popular jury for the crime of murder. The Court of Justice of the Federal District and Territories (TJDFT) understood that there is sufficient evidence that the PM “was the author of the allegedly criminal conduct”.

The TJDFT decision was published on March 26. As the soldier remained free since the day of the incident, the judge authorized him to await the end of the trial in freedom.

The PM was identified as soldier Ismael Coutinho. There is still no date for the jury, scheduled to take place in Ceilândia.

Chase and shooting

On the day of Walter’s death, Coutinho and three other police officers were chasing a suspect of attacking his partner in Setor O, in Ceilândia.

According to the case records, while fleeing from the police, the attacker jumped over a wall and fled across the roofs of the houses in Conjunto G, in QNO 6. After a few minutes, he entered the firefighter’s house.

When the police arrived at the victim’s address, one of the soldiers shot Walter. Later, Coutinho admitted that he was the shooter, but claimed to have confused the victim with the attacker who was fleeing — as both were shirtless.

PM who killed firefighter in DF violated crime scene to justify shooting

Walter was rescued and taken to the hospital, but he did not survive his injuries and died.

The other three police officers who were with Coutinho in the action were not judged by the courts, that is, they are not responsible for what happened.

O Metropolises sought the PM’s defense, however, until the most recent update of this report, he did not receive a response. The space remains open.

How the Jury works

These types of trials only occur in cases of intentional crimes against life. Currently, the types covered are: homicide, infanticide, participation in suicide and abortion — attempted or completed —, as well as crimes related to them.

The requirements to participate as a juror are to be at least 18 years old; not have been criminally prosecuted; not having to respond to lawsuits; be up to date with the Electoral Court; and live in the area of ​​the respective district in which the Jury Court will take place.

Selection for volunteers takes place annually. The judge in each of these regions officiates at various public and private organizations in order to ask for suggestions for inclusion in the jury draw list.

After receiving the list and verifying the suitability of these citizens, they are summoned and become part of the list of jurors. At the end of each year, the Diário da Justiça publishes a list of 800 to 1,500 names.

Those selected are available to the Court and, each month, the person responsible for the respective Jury Court draws 25 jurors to serve that month. In case of summons, they must attend all court sessions in the district to which they belong.

Of the total of 25, seven are drawn to make up the panel of judges for the session. Despite the possibility of voluntary registration on the list, even without legal provision, the Jury Courts may accept them. Even so, there is no guarantee that the citizen’s name will be included to participate.

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