Capital and Dourados have heavy fog and Tuesday should be unstable weather in MS – Environment


Temperature does not exceed 33ºC throughout the day in the State. Maximum for Capital is 28ºC

Section of Avenida Gabriel del Pino, in Vila Vilas Boas, covered in fog (Photo: Henrique Kawaminami)

Campo Grande and Dourados dawned this Tuesday under heavy fog and temperatures of 21ºC. The temperature should not exceed 28ºC. Instability prevails throughout the day throughout the state.

According to the concessionaire Aena, Capital International Airport operates normally this morning.

The volume of rain expected for the Capital is 15 millimeters. In Dourados and Corumbá the volume can reach 20 millimeters.

For the southern region, the maximum temperatures are 26ºC in Ponta Porã and 28ºC in Dourados. In the Pantanal region, thermometers can reach 29ºC in Coxim, 31ºC in Miranda, 32ºC in Porto Murtinho and Aquidauana, and 33ºC in Corumbá.

Other highs for this Tuesday are 27ºC in São Gabriel do Oeste, 28ºC in Naviraí, 29ºC in Costa Rica, Ivinhema, Nova Andradina, Nova Alvorada do Sul, Bonito and Maracaju, 30ºC in Água Clara, 31ºC in Paranaíba, and 33ºC in Três Lagoas.

All municipalities in the state are on alert for storm risk. There is the possibility of winds of up to 60 km per hour and a volume of rain of 30 millimeters per hour. The alert issued by Inmet ends at the end of this morning.

Avenida Marcelino Pires covered in fog (Photo: Leandro Holsbach)

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