April arrives with isolated storms and heat continues in SC


April begins with a first week of heat and the possibility of isolated thunderstorms in Santa Catarina. Last Monday (1st) set the pace for what can be expected in the coming days, according to information from the Santa Catarina Civil Defense.

Heat and humidity increase the chances of isolated thunderstorms across Santa Catarina in early April – Photo: Reproduction/ND


Tuesday begins with the arrival of an oceanic cold front, which increases cloudiness in the state and favors isolated thunderstorms. However, the heat remains: in the afternoon, temperatures remain high, with maximum temperatures varying between 30°C and 35°C in the Greater West and North.

Between the afternoon and evening, the chance of rain showers accompanied by thunderstorms increases, especially in areas from the plateaus to the coast. The wind blows with weak to moderate intensity, which can vary between 40 km/h and 65 km/h from the afternoon on the coast.


On Wednesday (3), the day starts with sunshine and firm weather. In the late afternoon, humidity combined with heat can cause rain showers and isolated thunderstorms between the Far West and the Plateaus. In these areas, the risk is low for occurrences. Maximum temperatures vary between 30°C and 35°C in the Great West and between 25°C and 28°C in other regions.


From Thursday afternoon (4), there is a chance that the weather will start to change. The predominance is still sunny and high temperatures in all regions of the state, but the formation of a cold front between Argentina and Rio Grande do Sul favors conditions for isolated thunderstorms, especially in areas bordering the southern state of Rio Grande do Sul. grande.

From Thursday afternoon onwards, there is a chance that the weather will start to change with the arrival of a cold front from the South – Photo: Freepik/Reproduction


On Friday (5), the cold front advances through Santa Catarina, favoring an increase in cloudiness and isolated thunderstorms throughout the state. Rain showers should start in the afternoon in the areas bordering Rio Grande do Sul. The risk varies from low to moderate for events resulting from rain.

Despite the storms, rain remains within average in Santa Catarina

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