remember games that Textor cites manipulation

remember games that Textor cites manipulation
remember games that Textor cites manipulation

John Textor, majority partner of Botafogo’s SAF, cited two Palmeiras games in which cases of corruption had occurred: in the defeats against Fortaleza and São Paulo, in 2022 and 2023, respectively.

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Without showing evidence and stating that he reached the conclusion through “experts and artificial intelligence”, the businessman accuses a major scheme of manipulating results, involving players and referees. Palmeiras and São Paulo countered, repudiated the statements and promised to take legal action.

PALMEIRAS 4 X 0 FORTALEZA (03/11/2022)

Palmeiras entered the field against Fortaleza already knowing that they were the 2022 Brazilian champions. Before the ball rolled, Internacional lost to América-MG and was unable to reach Verdão in scoring.

The match featured a gala performance from Alviverde. Dudu was the best on the field, scoring two goals, Rony doubled the score and Endrick scored for the first time at Allianz Parque, in addition to starting as a starter in an unprecedented way.

PALMEIRAS 5 X 0 SÃO PAULO (10/25/2023)

Looking for a reaction in the Brasileirão, Palmeiras hosted São Paulo at Allianz Parque, scored 5-0 and could have scored an even bigger defeat.

In the first half alone, Verdão opened 3-0 against the team coached by then coach Dorival Júnior. Breno Lopes scored two goals, and Piquerez doubled the score. In the second stage, Marcos Rocha found the back of the net, and the Uruguayan full-back saved another goal, with a great long-range shot.




Local: Allianz Parque, in São Paulo (SP)

Date-Time: 02/11/2022 – 9:30 pm (Brasília time)

Referee: Wilton Pereira Sampaio (FIFA/GO)

Assistants: Bruno Raphael Pires (Fifa/GO) and Bruno Boschilia (Fifa/PR)

VAR: Wagner Reway (PB)

Audience/Income: 29,104 fans/R$ 3,675,069.73

Yellow cards: Gustavo Scarpa and Danilo (PAL) Titi (FOR)

Red cards:

Goals: Rony (14’/1stQ) (1-0), Dudu (31’/1stQ) (2-0), Rony (2’/2ndQ) (3-0), Endrick (18’/2ndQ) (4-0 )

PALM TREES: Weverton; Marcos Rocha, Gustavo Gómez, Murilo and Piquerez; Danilo (Gabriel Menino, at 20’/2nd Q), Zé Rafael and Gustavo Scarpa (Bruno Tabata, at 20’/2nd Q); Dudu (Mayke, at 37’/2nd Q), Rony (López, at 30’/2nd Q) and Endrick (Merentiel, at 30’/2nd Q). Technician: Abel Ferreira.

STRENGTH: Fernando Miguel; Tinga, Brítez, Titi (Marcelo Benevenuto, at halftime) and Juninho Capixaba; Lucas Sasha, Caio Alexandre (Zé Welison, at 22’/2nd Q) and Lucas Crispim (Fabrício Baiano, at 22’/2nd Q); Romarinho (Hércules, at half-time), Thiago Galhardo (Romero, at 13’/2nd Q) and Robson. Technician: Juan Pablo Vojvoda.




Local: Allianz Parque, in São Paulo (SP)

Date and time: 10/25/2023 (Wednesday), at 8 pm (Brasília time)

Referee: Raphael Claus (FIFA-SP)

Assistants: Alex Ang Ribeiro (FIFA-SP) and Fabrini Bevilaqua Costa (FIFA-SP)

VAR: Daiane Caroline Muniz dos Santos (FIFA-SP)

Audience and income: 32,618 people and R$1,995,950.97

Yellow cards: Zé Rafael (20’/1st Q), Endrick (44’/1st Q) and Raphael Veiga (55’/1st Q) for Palmeiras; Lucas Beraldo (25’/1st Q), Rafinha (47’/1st Q and 16’/2nd Q) and Wellington Rato (34’/2nd Q) for São Paulo

Red cards: Rafinha (at 16’/2nd Q, after receiving the second yellow)

Goals: Breno Lopes (16’/1st Q) (1-0), Breno Lopes (26’/1st Q) (2-0), Joaquin Piquerez (52’/2nd Q) (3-0), Marcos Rocha (39’/2nd Q) (4-0) and Piquerez (42’/2nd Q) (5-0)

PALM TREES: Weverton; Luan, Gustavo Gómez and Murilo; Mayke (Marcos Rocha, at 22’/2nd Q), Zé Rafael, Richard Ríos (Fabinho, at 22’/2nd Q) and Joaquin Piquerez; Raphael Veiga (Artur, at 27’/2nd Q), Breno Lopes (Luis Guilherme, at 34’/2nd Q) and Endrick (Rony, at 27’/2nd Q). Technician: Abel Ferreira

SÃO PAULO: Rafael; Rafinha, Diego Costa, Lucas Beraldo and Caio Paulista; Alisson (Nathan, at 18’/2nd Q), Gabriel Neves (Rodrigo Nestor, at 35’/1st Q), James Rodriguez (Jhegson Méndez, at half-time) and Michel Araújo; Lucas (Wellington Rato, at 40’/Q1) and David (Luciano, at 18’/Q2). Technician: Dorival Junior

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