Murdered player had been in Acre for less than 20 days and had not yet gone to the field


Young Thiago Oseias, aged 18, was shot dead in the early hours of last Sunday (31), in Rio Branco.

Born in Pernambuco, Thiago had been in Acre for around 20 days and came to the state brought by a businessman, to play for Santa Cruz, an Acre football team.

Thiago was just 18 years old/Photo: ContilNet

However, the young man was killed before even playing a game for the club. According to information, Thiago was still preparing to start the U20 championship, scheduled to start in May this year.

The club informed that it provides full support to Thiago’s family, who remains in Pernambuco.

Accused arrested

Still on Sunday (31), military police officers who were passing through the streets of the neighborhood were stopped by an unidentified person, informing them that they knew who the perpetrators of Thiago’s murder were. The eyewitness revealed the exact location where the criminals were hiding.

A police siege was set up and, when security agents arrived at the scene, they saw a man identified as Darcifran de Moraes Eduino Júnior, with a firearm in his hands in front of a residence.

Group captured by PM/Photo: ContilNet

Upon noticing the police approaching, the suspect fled, jumping over fences and backyards. The police ordered a stop and began a pursuit, culminating in the arrest of Darcifran with a loaded 9mm pistol and two magazines containing, in total, 35 restricted-use pistol ammunition.

Investigations showed that the suspect was providing security at the home of a local faction leader. The military continued the investigations and discovered that the perpetrators of the football player’s murder were in the indicated house. An operation was launched, ending in the arrest of Francivaldo Barroso Chaves, known as avocado, accused of being the person behind Thiago’s execution.

When carrying out research through the judicial system, the police discovered that Avocado had an arrest warrant issued by the Acre justice system against him. Continuing the search, the police discovered the whereabouts of two adults, identified as Andrey Borges de Melo and Kauã Cristian Almeida Nascimento, all with direct involvement in Thiago’s death. Three other teenagers were also apprehended.

During investigations, the police discovered that Thiago had recently lived in Rio Branco, and was invited to participate in a party at another player’s house in the Santa Inês neighborhood. Abacate suspected that it would be a party for members of a rival faction and ordered those mentioned to go to the place, and when they took Thiago’s cell phone, they discovered that he had taken a photo indicating that he was from a criminal organization, which was the reason for his death. . One person is still being sought for direct involvement in the homicide.

In view of the facts, the firearm was seized and all the accused were taken to the Flagrantes Police Station, and are now at the disposal of justice.

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