SINDET/RS continues to warn of the risk of precarious services provided by DETRAN/RS

SINDET/RS continues to warn of the risk of precarious services provided by DETRAN/RS
SINDET/RS continues to warn of the risk of precarious services provided by DETRAN/RS

DETRAN/RS is responsible for around 780 thousand services per month in the area of ​​vehicle registration and registration, driver licensing, traffic inspection, vehicle removal and storage, and regulation of dismantling. Services that the population knows as being carried out by accredited centers, however, all coordination, support and supervision is carried out by the Municipality’s employees.

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For more than 10 years, with salaries frozen and losses of more than 70% due to inflation, Detran/RS employees have mobilized to seek government action.

The precarious career situation of Detran/RS employees is about to make the qualified and agile provision of services unfeasible, potentially harming citizens’ lives and other directly and indirectly related activities.

Since the beginning of Governor Eduardo Leite’s first term, dialogue and actions have been sought with the Government to resolve the issue.

The servers have reached a breaking point, as they are unmotivated and there is a daily flight of qualified professionals to other competitions with better conditions, constantly worsening the situation of the Municipality.

SINDET/RS and ASETRANRS (Association of Specialist Servers and Traffic Technicians of the State of Rio Grande do Sul) are committed to showing Deputies and government representatives that DETRAN/RS’s lean staff of employees have, incredibly, shown results positive results in all areas in which it operates, working with productivity and performance indicators and targets, however, they have been systematically devalued by the government, even with the advancement of other public security careers, an area in which DETRAN/RS contributes with voluminous financial resources within the Special Public Security Fund (Fesp). In addition to actions that directly impact Public Security, such as the Peça Legal and Balada Segura programs.

With its small staff, DETRAN/RS regulates 1,600 accredited companies that provide services in all municipalities in RS. Without progress in negotiations there is no way to continue with deliveries to the State Government.

The government annually readjusts the fees charged to citizens, readjusting the remuneration of accredited people and invests nothing in the Authority that regulates and manages all these services.

For employees and representatives of entities, it is not possible to prolong the situation.

Urgent, essential and unpostponable, the restructuring of careers and recovery of salary losses of more than TEN YEARS.

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