Day-to-day weather in the first week of April in Rio Grande do Sul

Day-to-day weather in the first week of April in Rio Grande do Sul
Day-to-day weather in the first week of April in Rio Grande do Sul

Weather this week in Rio Grande do Sul will alternate periods of sun and rain with some hot days and others with milder brands in the state | ROSINARA FERREIRA

The week that begins in Rio Grande do Sul will have periods of sun, clouds and rain. The two periods of instability will be concentrated between today and tomorrow with a second episode due to a cold front between Thursday and Friday. Overall, the week will have thermometer marks close to and above the historical April temperature averages.

The sun appears with clouds in most regions of Rio Grande do Sul this Monday, but in the West and South there will be greater cloudiness with rain at various points throughout the day. Greater instability is predicted between Campanha and the south of the state, where in some points it may rain locally heavily and with a marginal risk of isolated thunderstorms. It is not unlikely that instability will reach some parts of the center of the state.

In the Northern Half, firm weather predominates under a mass of hot air. Therefore, it heats up less in the South of Rio Grande do Sul, while in the Northern Half April begins with summer heat. Porto Alegre should be between 31ºC and 32ºC in the afternoon.

Tuesday, in turn, will have sun and clouds with isolated rain in the state. Precipitation will be irregular and it does not rain in all cities. There will be moments of greater cloud cover with cloudy to overcast skies. In the West and South, the advance of drier air sets the weather. As the day goes on, the cloudiness decreases and the sun appears in several spots. Firm weather prevails at the end of the day in the state. The temperature declines. Porto Alegre should have a maximum temperature of around 25ºC.

On Wednesday, the sun will predominate in Rio Grande do Sul with the presence of a drier air mass. The day starts with mild marks, with minimums of 12ºC to 13ºC in points in Campanha and Serra. It heats up quickly during the day and is hot for April in the afternoon. Porto Alegre can have 31ºC to 32ºC.

On Thursday, the sun appears with clouds in Rio Grande do Sul, but the weather will start to change again. A cold front brings increased cloudiness with rain later in the afternoon into the night in the West, Northwest, Center and South of the state. In the Porto Alegre area, instability at the end of the day cannot be ruled out. Rainfall volumes, in general, should be low. Isolated points may experience heavier rain with thunderstorms and occasional thunderstorms. It’s hot and Porto Alegre can reach 32ºC.

On Friday, the cold front brings lots of clouds and rain in the Northern Half, including Porto Alegre. In the West and South, the weather improves with the arrival of drier and colder air. By the end of the day, much of the state will have steady weather. Porto Alegre should have a maximum temperature of around 25ºC.

Finally, on Saturday the sun predominates in Rio Grande do Sul under a mass of dry and colder air. The day starts off even cold on the border with Uruguay, in Campanha and in the Serra do Sudeste with temperatures of 10ºC to 12ºC in different points. In Porto Alegre, the final of the Campeonato Gaúcho should have a sunny afternoon. The maximum in the city should be around 27ºC to 28ºC.

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