Women’s team defeats Paraguay and wins penta in U17 South American Championship


After an undefeated campaign, the Brazilian women’s Under 17 football team won the fifth South American championship, with the right to a rout; On Sunday night (31), the Brazilians defeated the Paraguayan hosts. 5-1, at the Carfem Stadium, in Ypané. In addition to lifting the cup for the fifth time in history, the team also secured a place in the category’s World Cup, scheduled for October, in the Dominican Republic.

“It was a very interesting match in which the team did very well from the beginning of the game. They managed to impose and seek the result, which was the objective. We had moments of fluctuations, but at no point did they lose confidence, because they were united and I believe they fulfilled their role today”, analyzed Simone Jatobá, in a statement to the CBF after the victory.

Captain of the team, Juju Haris opened the scoring against the Paraguayans, at the Carfem Stadium. The striker shared the South American team’s top scorer with number 11 Giovanna Waskman, both with five goals each.

“I’m very happy for the victory, for the goals, for the championship and for everything. Representing Brazil and scoring in a final is a unique feeling. We have evolved a lot in the competition and Simone [técnica] and the commission helped us a lot in this process. Now we will work hard to be prepared for our next challenge, which is the World Cup”, designed the team’s number 9 shirt.

Midfielder Giovanna’s performance went beyond the five goals scored throughout the South American Championship, the last of which was in the final against Paraguay. A debutant in the national team, shirt number 11 shone with a hat-trick in the duel against Ecuador, the first in the quadrangular.

“It’s a feeling of great pride to represent my country in my first championship and bring the title to Brazil. Being top scorer and helping my team with goals was very rewarding and I was very happy. Our group is very united, we get along a lot Well, it’s like a family, and we’re going to work so that when we get to the World Cup we’ll be even stronger”, said the 15-year-old player, who also provided four assists during the tournament.

The other goals in the Brazilian rout against Paraguay were scored by Aninha (shirt 7), Kalena (22) and Sofia (3).

The team recorded five wins and two draws in the South American Championship. It debuted with a 2-0 victory over Venezuela. Then, in the second round, they beat Peru 3-0. In the next match, they drew 3-3 with Colombia. Then, in the first duel of the quadrangular, Brazil defeated Ecuador 4-0. The final victory was in the title dispute against the Paraguayan hosts (5 to 1).

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