Woman dies after being run over by truck driven by her husband in MS

Woman dies after being run over by truck driven by her husband in MS
Woman dies after being run over by truck driven by her husband in MS

Roseli Silva de Paula died in the early hours of Saturday (30) after being run over by her 34-year-old husband in Cassilândia (MS). She arrived at the health unit lifeless.

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According to information from the Police Report, the husband reported that he was at a get-together with his wife, her sister and her brother-in-law, and they were all returning to the farm where they lived in a vehicle, driven by the brother-in-law.

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During the journey, the driver and his wife allegedly argued and left the vehicle, entering a thicket. According to the victim’s husband, Roseli got out of the car to look for her sister. Shortly afterwards, when trying to move the vehicle in reverse, the suspect (Roseli’s husband) claims to have accidentally run over his wife. Her sister was also hit, but did not suffer serious injuries.

He then rescued his wife and took her to the hospital, with the help of a neighbor. During the journey, the woman complained of severe pain and ended up dying on the way to the medical unit.

However, the man later changed his version, saying he did not remember what had happened. Despite this, he was taken to the police station to provide clarification, but ended up being released after the statement.

According to the Midiamax website, Roseli arrived at the health unit, just wearing a bra, shorts and underwear pulled down, with tire marks on her chest, neck and rope marks.

The case was registered with the Civil Police Station, which will investigate the incident.

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