Operation ‘Protector of Biomes’ is launched in Acre for environmental protection


On the morning of this Monday, April 1st, the government of the State of Acre, through the State Secretariat of Justice and Public Security (Sejusp), launched the Protector of Biomes operation. The event took place at the Military Police Environmental Battalion, in Rio Branco.

The operation, an initiative of the Ministry of Justice and Public Security, takes place throughout the year and aims to address various environmental issues in the six Brazilian biomes: Amazon, Cerrado, Pantanal, Caatinga, Atlantic Forest and Pampa. Among the incidents covered are illegal deforestation, forest fires, burning, processes of devastation, degradation and environmental crimes.

The Deputy Secretary of Public Security, Colonel Evandro Bezerra, highlights that the department is responsible for adopting federal policies and highlights the importance of environmental actions: “Today, the Environmental Battalion launched two operations: one for intervention and protection, and the other for command and control to act against fires. We hope that these actions will maintain the positive numbers achieved last year, when there was a significant reduction at a national level.”

The Environment Secretariat (Sema) coordinates the operation’s actions. The integration between the Environmental System and Public Security, involving federal, municipal and state entities, has been fundamental. The approach is both preventive and repressive, aiming to combat all types of environmental crimes.

The commander of the Environmental Battalion, Lieutenant Kleisson Albuquerque, highlights that the operation is an integrated action between the forces to optimize resources and activities. “We operate in the criminal sphere, in partnership with the Military Police and Gefron (Special Border Group)”.

In addition, the operation has the participation of the Institutes of the Environment of Acre (Imac), the Environment and Renewable Natural Resources (Ibama) and Chico Mendes for Biodiversity Conservation (ICMBio).

Joint efforts last year resulted in a 74% reduction in deforestation alerts and a 45% reduction in fire outbreaks. Operation Protector of Biomes aims to maintain and expand these results in favor of environmental preservation.


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