Oil and gas industry suppliers open their eyes once again to ES

Oil and gas industry suppliers open their eyes once again to ES
Oil and gas industry suppliers open their eyes once again to ES

Anita Garibaldi, Petrobrás platform ship at the Jurong Shipyard, in Aracruz. Credit: Fernando Madeira

“We have great prospects both in the South, in the fields that are at sea, and in the North, in the fields on land. The horizon is for an increase in production at both ends of Espírito Santo, investments are already happening and will come with more force. Big companies are keeping an eye on this, after all, the demand will be great, it depends on a lot of capital and the demands are high”, explained Manoel Passos, organizer of Vitória PetroShow, a sector fair that starts this Tuesday (02), in the Center of Conventions.

“The appetite for the State has grown, without the slightest shadow of a doubt. 52 companies from outside Espírito Santo will be at the event, seven from outside Brazil. In the worst case scenario, we should move US$ 150 million (R$ 750 million) in the three event days, potentially reaching US$300 million (R$1.5 billion). It’s no small feat”, highlighted the executive.

In the South, Petrobras will place another platform to operate in Parque das Baleias, next year, and is studying the implementation of another, in the same location, but there is still no date for its operation. Prio intended to begin extracting 40,000 barrels of oil from the pre-salt, also in the south of the state, in the second half of this year, but, due to licensing obstacles, it must begin the project next year. These are billion-dollar projects that are already underway. In the North, the expectation is to double oil and gas production this decade.

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