4-year-old girl dies from suspected dengue fever in SC and mother reports medical negligence


The death of a 4-year-old girl caused commotion and revolt in Barra Velha, in the North of Santa Catarina. The family claims that Sofia Emanueli Ribeiro Pereira had severe dengue fever and did not receive adequate care at the city’s 24-hour emergency care unit.

Mother asks for justice in Barra Velha – Richard Vieira/ND

Sofia case gained commotion in the city – Richard Vieira/ND

According to her mother, Ana Maria, she sought care at the location three times. The first was last Monday (25), when Sofia presented fever of 39.7ºC. “I rushed her there and they gave her an orange card, she had to be seen in 10 minutes, but we waited a long time,” she says.

The mother was scared when she measured her daughter’s temperature in the unit. “When they saw that she was going to convulse, they took her to a room, applied cold water compresses to her body and gave her medication. The doctor gave a certificate and asked for a dengue test. But they didn’t make an appointment on the day. They asked for my number to see what day they were going to schedule”, explains Ana.

Girl couldn't resist and died from complications caused by dengue - Personal Archive/Disclosure/ND

Girl couldn’t resist and died from complications caused by dengue – Personal Archive/Disclosure/ND

Thermometer recorded Sofia's temperature in the unit - Personal Archive/Disclosure/ND

Thermometer recorded Sofia’s temperature in the unit – Personal Archive/Disclosure/ND

At home and the next day, the family decided to take a private dengue test at a pharmacy, which came back positive. In addition, they continued treatment with supplements and vitamins. The mother, however, noticed that the girl was still very swollen and returned to the unit.

“I took her there badly. Her belly and eyes were swollen. She went to the doctor who only gave antibiotics. She saw that it was bacterial gastroenteritis, but it wasn’t, and along with dengue. She didn’t ask for any tests,” comments the mother, who returned home.

However, the daughter’s condition worsened even further. “She was freezing and asked me for a lot of water. She also said it hurt a lot”, recalls the emotional mother.

Back at the unit, on Friday (29), the child, this time, went into cardiorespiratory arrest and was rushed to Hospital São José in Jaraguá do Sul.

Last glass of water

“In the emergency room, she asked me for a glass of water, which would be the last one I could give her. Then the doctors took him to the ICU and did everything they could”, says the mother.

Sofia passed away in the hospital this Sunday (31). The death certificate confirms that one of the causes of death was dengue D, the most serious type of the disease, in addition to acute kidney failure and hemorrhagic shock.

The girl’s wake began in the early hours of this Monday (1st), at the Santa Rita chapel, in the São Cristóvão neighborhood. The burial took place this morning in the city’s central cemetery.

Family alleges medical negligence

According to the mother, the feeling is one of injustice. “I trusted the doctor. An exam could have saved my daughter. He should have asked for an exam to find out how serious the dengue was. That’s what he needed to admit her”, he says.

The Municipal Health Department informed that it will launch an inquiry to investigate any irregularities, as well as all aspects of the care provided to the victim. The city hall also confirmed the report that the mayor has already asked for the doctor to be removed until the investigation is completed.

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